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Many students go from high school to university to a professional job in the workforce. However, the transition from these different stages of life can be tricky to navigate. Take it from me! I’m currently a junior studying Public Relations and Sport Management at Syracuse University in New York. In just a year, I will have graduated with a degree and be looking to get a real-world job!  

To even think about this makes me really nervous. Everyone says that college is the best four years of your life. Is that because the few years following college are difficult? While I’m excited to take on this challenge of life after college, it’s always great to prepare for their future. Luckily, Leaders of Evolution’s Job Ready Program (JRP) is looking to help students just like me.  

Leaders of Evolution: Job Ready Program

By focusing on future skills of the workplace, Leaders of Evolution provides this program and encourages young leaders to take on their future head-on! This is significant work as around 52% of school principals say that equipping students with the skills of the future is one of the most pressing challenges for their schools. For this reason and our ongoing efforts to educate student leaders, Leaders of Evolution has taken the lead and created a Job Ready Program.  

Why Are Job Ready Programs Important? 

Programs such as Leaders of Evolution’s Job Ready Program are extremely important because we are seeing more and more students join the workforce. However, it’s not always about physical degrees or formal education. In fact, Apple, IMB, and Google all offer well-paying jobs that no longer require a degree! Instead, these companies and many others are looking for students who have the applicable job and real-world skills.  

As the job market is always changing and new technologies are always emerging, there has never been a better time for students to participate in Job Ready Programs. In fact, the Foundation for Young Australians found that routine tasks will decrease, and tasks focused on people, and problem-solving will grow! These Job Ready Programs encourage young leaders to become not only strong student-athletes but also knowledgeable future professionals in the workforce.  

Leaders of Evolution 

Job Ready Programs | Leaders of Evolution

For these reasons and many more, students and student-athletes deserve the opportunity to refine and develop their professional skills. As one of the leading individuals that provide online courses and Job Ready Programs, Leaders of Evolution is here to help. We outline the following five skills that are essential to future development and are taught in our Job Ready Program. 

1. Autonomy 

Working and learning independently is an essential skill that job-ready individuals should have. An autonomous worker doesn’t always need to be monitored and watched by a boss. Instead, taking control of your own actions and beliefs is an indicator of a sports leader and a driven individual. Through Leaders of Evolution, students will learn autonomy and individuality

2. Creativity 

A leader is defined by their ability to think outside of the box and break the status quo. In other words, a leader has the creativity and the ability to put this creativity into action. Our Job Ready Program values imagination and helps students reach their full potential through engaging videos and interactive learning modules.  

3. Problem-Solving 

Life doesn’t come easy, and this is definitely the case for individuals in the professional workplace. Employees will face large and small problems on a daily basis. A job-ready student will have the skills to solve any problem they face with efficiency and effectiveness. Our program will encourage students to balance detail-oriented solutions with big-picture impacts.  

4. Interpersonal Relationships 

Networking and making personal connections is one of the most important skills that a young individual can have! Today’s industry is all about who you know and who they know and so on. Therefore, having the ability to build meaningful relationships and find common goals is extremely important. This skill will set apart the best young leaders from the rest of their peers.  

5. Effective Communication 

Last but not least, strong and effective communication is essential in any professional workforce. Being able to communicate with everyone around you in a meaningful way is an indicator of a leader. Leaders of Evolution allows students to learn to work with others and to learn to adapt to different working styles one might have. Students who possess all five skills are guaranteed to be well-rounded and ready to take on their future job.  

By joining the over 400 schools that have already partnered with Leaders of Evolution, we guarantee that students will become job-ready leaders, and schools will have a more strategic vision to help their students succeed. We are ready to empower students with the career readiness skills required to be successful in the 2030 workforce. Are you ready to join us? 

Visit our website for more information or sign up for one of our free taster courses today!

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