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With the increasing challenges that students face in the wake of the Coronavirus-19 pandemic, students have had to adapt to the times. Whether this includes, Zoom classes or other forms of online instruction, educational tactics and methods have changed. As a college student myself, I understand the difficulty and obstacles that the current situation has provided. Hours of online instruction can become boring and significantly impact student’s mental and physical health.

Leaders of Evolution recognises student’s needs and continues to provide online courses for students of all ages. Unlike traditional methods of online learning, we provide unique leadership courses online that encourages student participation and engagement. We hope that these courses will propel students to be active leaders in their communities and knowledgeable future employees.

Leadership Courses Online | Leaders of Tomorrow | Leaders of Evolution
Jon Shepherd, Co-founder & Director of Business Operations & Development, with Varsity College students.

Leadership Courses Online

Through a variety of topics and lesson plans, Leaders of Evolution offers online courses for students of all ages and skill levels. We recognise the importance of effective education from an early age and its positive benefits on students well-being. Therefore, our “Student Leadership in Schools” course targets students ages 10 to 12 years old and will provide a fun, engaging and purposeful adventure. 

Leadership Courses Online | Leaders of Tomorrow | Leaders of Evolution

Leaders of Evolution believes that the combination of sports and education positively impacts student’s school experiences and personal growth. Because many of the students who utilise our online courses are student-athletes. We have created the “Emerging Leaders in Sport” online courses. From these courses, student-athletes ages 15 to 16 years old can learn how leadership skills can improve their performance both on and off the sports field.

Finally, for students ages 17 to 18, Leaders of Evolution wants to provide resources that will help students grow and develop long after their educational career ends. Our “Future Skills of the Workforce” online course will encourage students to develop an independent mindset and the confidence to join the workforce of 2030. 

Our leadership courses online are developed not only for students, and student-athletes, but also for the teachers and other academic administrators who help these students along the way. We believe that educating teachers is just as important as educating students, and we encourage that teachers use what they have learned from us in their future class curriculums

Leaders of Tomorrow

We are determined to help students develop their future and discover the best version of themselves. Leaders of Evolution has changed the lives of 9,345 students and impacted the curriculum of 267 school districts across the world. We are building the leaders of tomorrow and the workforce of 2030. 

Our leadership courses online give students the opportunity to express themselves in a number of ways and give school administrators the confidence to educate their students. Hear from some of our satisfied partners.

“I’ve enjoyed working on my group project. It is a great way to show off your leadership skills in an authentic way. My friends and I can’t wait to do LoE next year.”

Dusty, Year 6 Student & Student Representative Council Member

“Our teachers and students loved the course. From start to finish, it provided all the resources for our teachers to succeed. Students loved the interactive tasks and applying their learning. This approach is for any school who wants effective student leadership.”

Ben Milsom, Assistant Principal at Irymple South Primary School

Leaders of Evolution

Whether you are a school administrator, team coach, teacher or even a student, Leaders of Evolution can help you. Our leadership courses online are proven to be effective and engaging for students of many different ages. We guarantee that starting a partnership with us or trying one of our many online courses will positively impact your performance, whether that be in the classroom, on the sports field, or in your personal or professional life. 

As the future ahead for education and the workforce is unclear, one thing is clear: Leaders of Evolution is committed to student success. While the COVID-19 pandemic has stopped or halted many things, Leaders of Evolution continues to push through the barriers of online education and student development. 

By joining us today, you will get access to free tools, learning videos, online courses, and templates designed to enhance leadership skills. Not sure if a partnership with us is the right fit?

Click here to schedule a 15-minute call with Co-founder and Director of Business Operations & Development, Jon Shepherd, to see how Leaders of Evolution can help you find leadership courses online.

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