Leadership Opportunities for Teens Lead To Greater Success in the Workforce

Finding leadership opportunities for teens is a big step towards finding jobs for teens. Employers want to hire people they can depend on, regardless of how old they are, and an indicator that someone is dependable is if they have held leadership positions in the past. Knowing that other people have looked up to this potential new hire for guidance and direction can reassure employers that this job candidate will end up being a person they can trust to get the job done.

Leadership Opportunities For Teens

Leadership Opportunities for Teens | Jobs For Teens | Leaders of Evolution

It is important for students to embrace and rise to the challenge of leadership programs and leadership opportunities for teens as early as possible so that they can start developing those skills at a young age. Though some people are clearly born to be leaders, many still have to work at it for their entire lives. Leadership is not just a position; it is a practice. One has to practice being a leader time and time again so that they can be as effective as possible.

Leadership programs offer students a chance to learn how to be impactful leaders, while leadership opportunities for teens put those skills to the test. Many schools and universities offer leadership programs designed to help students discover their potential to lead teams, understand social and emotional intelligence, and develop communication skills. In fact, Northwestern University’s renowned Kellogg School of Management offers 15 different leadership programs, all of which are focused on mastering different areas of work life, such as constructive collaboration, negotiation skills, and navigating workplace conflict.

Leaders of Evolution

At Leaders of Evolution, we focus on fostering leadership opportunities for teens in sports by providing students with leadership programs that will teach them the skills and tools they will need to extend their leadership abilities into the rest of their lives. We play the long game. Leaders of Evolution’s “Future Skills of the Workforce” course is targeted towards students aged 16 to 18 years old and empowers them with the career readiness skills that will be necessary for success in the 2030 workforce.

With our leadership programs, students will maximize their leadership opportunities for teens in an engaging and tech-savvy environment that aligns with the Australian Curriculum, specifically the personal and social capability and the self-management, self-awareness, social management and social awareness elements.

Meanwhile, educators who are passionate about enhancing the leadership capacity of entire student cohorts will simultaneously save teachers time and deliver greater outcomes. When schools are committed to delivering their strategic capabilities using Leaders of Evolution’s proven student leadership framework, jobs for teens will become more and more attainable. 

Leadership Programs

Leaders of Evolution offers two distinct leadership programs under the Future Skills of the Workforce framework: Building the Mindset for Workplace Excellence and Igniting the Leaders of Tomorrow. Both come equipped with more than 90 minutes of bite-sized learning videos, more than 39 individual learning topics, a student leadership guidebook, teacher lesson plans, and assessment criteria. Once students finish their leadership programs, they will receive certificates of completion and will be well on their way to finding success in leadership opportunities for teens as well as jobs for teens.

Here’s a sense of what each of our Future Skills of the Workforce leadership programs entails and how they can enrich leadership opportunities for teens.

Building the Mindset for Workplace Excellence

The skills that are necessary for finding success in the future workforce are changing rapidly. While we navigate this age where technology dominates and determines the way we live, the skills we develop for personal growth are going to be those that employers are desperate to include in their workforce. 

This leadership program will focus on developing the tools which will help your students become effective learners within their leadership opportunities for teens and jobs for teens. The future workforce will likely see less structured management, so employers will require their staff to be independent and autonomous workers who are able to pick concepts up quickly in order to do their job well. 

This leadership program will also assist your students in developing their self-awareness as it relates to future leadership opportunities for teens and jobs for teens. By the end of the course, they will have self-assessed in a number of areas and developed various plans which will assist them as they seek to tackle their futures in the evolving workforce. 

Igniting the Leaders of Tomorrow

In order to succeed in the workforce of the future, students will need to build and display the skills of leadership. As students start to think about what their careers might be, now is the perfect time for them to recognise and develop the skills associated with being an effective leader in the workforce and put what they’ve learned to the test in their leadership opportunities for teens.

Leadership is not about a role or a title. This leadership program will help students grasp the behaviours and skills that will enable them to be effective in their leadership opportunities for teens and in the workforce. Students will be encouraged to consider leadership from an individual and team perspective and identify the things they could do in their current leadership opportunities for teens or jobs for teens that would make the best impression from the first day on the job. 

The 4 C’s

The 4 C’s are a constant thread through all of the Leaders of Evolution’s learning programs. They provide a clear lens for students to recognise areas of learning and growth. Each e-learning course we design has the 4 C’s definition tailored to the intended learning outcomes for that course. 

The first C is competence. Competence is the ability to recognise the key theoretical elements of leadership in a workplace context and understand how these elements can be enacted in order to achieve positive results for individuals and organisations. Those displaying competence will be able to articulate key leadership concepts and demonstrate the behaviours that lead to positive growth in their leadership opportunities for teens

The next C is confidence. Confident leaders will recognise which levers to pull at which times to achieve identified outcomes. They will understand that all situations are different and back themselves to make good decisions consistently. Those displaying confidence will believe in their own leadership abilities and proactively seek out opportunities to enhance the confidence of others.

The third C is character. An important element of leadership is establishing a sense of self-awareness and an understanding of who one is at one’s core. Through the course, learners will investigate the areas of personal characteristics that make up their leadership profile and explore their preferred leadership styles. Those showing a sound understanding of character will be able to identify their own leadership philosophy and apply it to their leadership opportunities for teens.

The final c is connectedness. Effective leaders are most often able to establish good interpersonal relationships, both with internal and external stakeholders. Those demonstrating connectedness will be able to effectively lead a team in different situations as well as being able to contribute to team goals whilst developing strong interpersonal relationships.

Throughout Leaders of Evolution’s Future Skills of the Workforce courses, students will be encouraged to think about how the 4 C’s apply to concepts they are learning and how they might be able to apply them to their leadership opportunities for teens.

For more information on our curriculum, or to sign up for our Free Taster Course, click here.

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