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On the last day of his life, former U.S. President John F. Kennedy was meant to give a speech in which he would tell the world, “Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.”

That sentiment speaks to the concept of the fixed versus growth mindset. Leaders aren’t just born. They grow through learning.

Leadership Websites

Leadership Websites| Leaders of Evolution

Leadership development is a constant effort that, if done well, has to last a lifetime. But no one can expect to become a leader all on their own. One becomes a leader from learning from others. Leadership skills can be passed down from mentor to mentee, teacher to student, and peer to peer.

Leadership websites like Leaders of Evolution can also serve as intermediaries that pass down wisdom from experts, scholars, and leaders in various fields. On leadership websites, leadership skills revealed may feel like well-kept secrets to young students but actually have the power to awaken their innate abilities and show them what they are capable of. 

Leadership development courses on leadership websites are typically packaged in bite-sized portions with videos, readings, and quizzes that inform and test a student’s leadership abilities.

Many leadership websites pertain to the world of business, but the skills you learn from leadership development can transfer to practically any arena. 

Leaders of Evolution is an innovative leadership website that focuses on student growth through sports. Our Emerging Leaders in Sport suite of courses serves as an aid to your students’ leadership development both on and off the field. 

By utilizing our leadership website, your students will learn to assess their current performance in various leadership contexts, investigate and apply leadership principles within their sporting environments by learning from professional athletes and coaches, and develop and apply what Leaders of Evolution calls the 4 C’s: Confidence, Competence, Character, and Connectedness.

How Leaders of Evolution Can Contribute to Your Students’ Leadership Development

Leadership Websites | Leaders of Evolution

Leaders of Evolution’s “Emerging Leaders in Sport” suite of leadership development courses are designed to give your students all the information and tools they need to achieve higher levels of leadership performance from the convenience of our leadership website.

Throughout each course, students will hear from internationally renowned coaches and athletes that have performed at the elite and semi-elite level for decades. By the end of the course, students will feel more confident in their leadership abilities and be prepared to apply them on the field to influence those around them for the better. 

Our “Emerging Leaders in Sport” courses take approximately 6 months to complete. Typically, a school will allocate 30-45 minutes of class time per week to our leadership website. Students & Teachers will be able to access the paid E-learning Course for 12 months.

By spending a year on our leadership website, teachers can expect to gain more outcomes in less time, leverage the developed resources and curriculum to engage students in a meaningful leadership learning experience, and employ strategies to assist their students’ application of learning into their sporting environment.

Meanwhile, it is encouraged that schools provide opportunities for students to apply what they’ve learned from our leadership website into their on-field and off-field sporting environments, as well as recognise the achievements of student growth and the enhancement of their leadership effectiveness.

Here are five simple steps you can take to get your students on track to leadership success: 

Step 1: As an educator, you can click here to select either the “On-field” or “Off-field” course, depending on what aspect of leadership development you’re in the market for, and take advantage of our “Online Teacher Introduction” course, where you’ll find advice from well-versed teachers and the Leaders of Evolution team.

With that step-by-step guide, you’ll be prepared to deliver an engaging experience and transition your students to the launch of the leadership development course. Upon completion of the “Online Teacher Introduction” course, you’ll be rewarded with a certificate of completion in recognition of one hour of Professional Learning.

Step 2: With a “Customer Success Toolkit” from Leaders of Evolution, you’ll feel supported in your implementation of this leadership development course. It will provide you with helpful tips, a breakdown of the curriculum, and a 12-month timeline for delivery.

You’ll also have access to a Goal Setting and Self-reflection framework, which will equip you in your endeavour to achieve your school’s unique priorities for leadership development as you promote your students to apply their new leadership skills. 

Step 3: As students progress in their leadership development course, they’ll self-regulate their journey. But as their teacher, Leaders of Evolution will empower you to connect with them through lesson plans, an assessment matrix, and learning tools.

Step 4: Leaders of Evolution will check in with you each term and continue to provide you with tools to make sure your school maximises its student leadership goals and stays on a productive path of leadership development. You’ll also have access to online reports which will help you track the progress of your students throughout their leadership development course. 

Step 5: Upon completion of the leadership development course, Leaders of Evolution will reward your individual students and school with personalised 4 C’s Certified Certificates. Your school will also have the opportunity to win recognition as a State and National finalist or a winner of our Leadership School of the Year Award. 

To get a sense of what Leaders of Evolution has to offer, try our free taster course.

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