Leadership Websites Help Empower Student-Athletes to Gain Valuable Insight

When we hear a powerful speaker, watch an athlete at the top of their game, or see individuals excelling in their careers, we are quick to admire their leadership skills. I constantly find myself asking how they got there. Where did they go to school? What did they learn in order to lead that well? I ultimately come back to the same and most frequently asked question about leadership – are leaders born or made? 

Some people are described as “natural leaders” who are outspoken, confident, and seemingly know what to do and say in any situation. The majority of people find themselves on the other side of the leadership spectrum. Those individuals require guidance and teaching in order to find their voice, motivation, and tap into their unique skill set. Everyone can be a leader with the correct training.

Leadership Websites | Leaders of Evolution

Using Leaders of Evolution Leadership Websites to Empower Student-Athletes

There is a multitude of ways to learn those necessary leadership skills. They can be taught in a traditional classroom, through sports programs and teamwork, as well as, in a newer and more modern way – utilising leadership websites.

In the age of the Coronavirus pandemic, it has become difficult to practice leadership skills in everyday life and social settings. We have seen many of our beloved sporting events be put on-hold or altogether cancelled. The timing is perfect for students to learn about leadership off the field of play. Leadership websites with training, lessons, and quizzes are becoming increasingly popular among young people. Leaders of Evolution expertly designs technology enhanced e-learning courses focused on leadership, social and emotional learning, career readiness, and sports coaching for students, teachers, athletes, coaches and the wider community. 

This student-athlete leadership and development in sport course intends to save teachers time while enhancing leadership capacity and life skills of Year 9 & 10 student-athletes. This micro-course will provide insights from professional players and coaches. It will allow young athletes to gain a deeper understanding of the key traits of leadership in sport, as well as, analyse how they can be more effective on the field. The course educates students through the 4 C’s framework and engaging learning videos with insight from professional athletes and experienced virtual facilitators. 

The 4 C’s Competence, Confidence, Character, and Connectedness, foster positive relationships and strive to promote the individual growth of students. Leaders of Evolution seeks to help students apply these leadership principles within their sporting environment. 

5 Simple Steps of Implementation

There are five easy steps to success through our leadership website. Step one is choosing your course by selecting either on-field or off-field instruction. Step two is to plan and prepare by setting goals and expectations for your Emerging Leaders in Sport e-learning course. The third step involves the implementation of resources to enhance their journey. Step four is to validate by tracking and measuring the students progress. Finally, the fifth step is rewarding and recognising, whereby, Leaders of Evolution will present all students who complete the course with a personalised 4 C’s Certified Certificate.

Notable Differences in Schools

Through leadership websites like Leaders of Evolution, students learn to assess their current performance across various leadership contexts. Our courses allow for personalisation and help “fuel some much-needed conversation around leadership and character on and off the field,” according to Vaughan Hogan, the Head of Football at Corinda State High School. 

Similarly, the Talented Athlete Support Program (TASP) Co-ordinator at Newington College, Matt Carraro, says, “The holistic approach of the program really resonated with our students resulting in a fun, purposeful learning environment. The ‘Athlete Guidebook’ continues to be a valuable resource for both our students and coaches.” 

Leaders of Evolution is different from other leadership websites because we build skills for students to utilise in every aspect of their lives.

“The course provided a real point of difference compared to other Athlete Development & Sports Excellence programs. The curriculum addressed current trends empowering students to transfer life-skills well outside their chosen sport. Jon continues to provide valuable support & expertise to our students.”

Ty Dowker, Head of the Physical Education Department at Varsity College

Emerging Leaders in Sport E-Learning Course

Leadership Websites | Leaders of Evolution

Click here for a free taster course on Emerging Leaders in Sport to see what Leaders of Evolution can do for you! You can also learn more about the full course here. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our e-learning courses. If you are not satisfied with our course after 30 days, we will refund your money. We are confident that our courses will make an impact on students and teachers.

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