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According to optimum-direct.com, a $30 increase in productivity is released for every dollar invested on e-learning. Many of us have been forced to adapt to online e-learning programs due to the COVID-19 pandemic, yet efficient online courses are more difficult to execute than many school institutions want them to be.

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MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – JUNE 27: Bombers players run out during the round 4 AFL match between the Essendon Bombers and the Carlton Blues at Melbourne Cricket Ground on June 27, 2020 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Daniel Pockett/Getty Images via AFL Photos)

At Leaders of Evolution, we develop online courses and online e-learning programs that can be effective on the technical side of learning and on various education levels. Our Emerging Leaders in Sport: On-field, and Emerging Leaders in Sport: Teacher and Coach Intro are just a few of our online courses that aid students in learning Ausport and developing the necessary skills to be successful on and off the field. 

E-Learning Hub Partnerships: The Importance of Online Programs 

Leaders of Evolution has partnered with a variety of organizations such as the Essendon Bombers, Snow Australia and the Special Olympics Australia to create and deliver specialized content to help student-athletes, educators and athletic programs grow. But, what is the relevance of online e-learning programs in the wake of social distancing and quarantine orders? And how does Leaders of Evolution stack up to the necessary functions of effective online courses? 

The video below is the introduction to the Special Olympics Australia course that teaches coaches how to properly train participants. This is just one example of how our Ausport partnerships can deliver education and development programs into organisations.

Research Supports e-Learning

According to Harvard Business Review, there are a number of IT infrastructure necessary for remote working to effectively teach students. One concern Harvard Business Review writes of is the digital divide amplified through remote work in a traditional setting. Live lessons that traditional classrooms are trying to mimic through online courses require the best bandwidth, stale wifi and advanced technology in the home, creating a strong gap in the type of education some students get in a traditional setting. We are beginning to see just how helpful non-traditional forms of online e-learning programs are for student-athletes. 

Additionally, on the educator side, Harvard Business Review discusses the discomfort some faculty members are with online learning. “There is a digital divide among those who have never used even the basic audio-visual equipment, relying on blackboards and flipcharts, and younger faculty who are aware of and adept in newer technology,” HBR writes.

When educators and educational institutions partner with Leaders of Evolution, we provide a number of resources and online courses for educators to become familiar with our lessons and provide the highest quality of education and training for their student-athletes, such as our Emerging Leaders in Sport: Teacher and Coach Intro course. When student-athletes are learning Ausport through Leaders of Evolution online courses, educators and institutions are becoming better equipped at recognizing the opportunities students have for growth and how to accomplish those goals. 

Let’s dive deeper into our online e-learning programs and how an e-learning partnership with Leaders of Evolution can make learning Ausport more effective and innovative online. We allow students to easily connect, engage and learn to become the future leaders of tomorrow, today. 

Emerging Leaders in Sport: On-Field 

This course was developed to provide students with all the tools necessary when learning Ausport and improving performance on the field. Additionally, students can develop skills that will translate into other aspects of their lives including their future careers. In the course, student-athletes will hear from a number of internationally renowned coaches and athletes that have performed at the elite and semi-elite levels, which make learning Ausport a relatable and engaging experience for young athletes at all levels. Let’s dive into the course content that makes learning Ausport effective and innovative. 

  • Warm-Up: Students are made to first become familiar with the e-learning hub and Leaders of Evolution as an organization. They will be introduced to the 4 C’s framework (Competence, Confidence, Character and Connectedness), which guides each lesson here at Leaders of Evolution and highlight necessary skillsets when learning Ausport. 
  • Leadership: What does leadership really mean, and when we discuss it in sport, what are we talking about? This lesson with seven topics divs into important leadership traits and styles, and students’ personal styles that make them effective in learning Ausport and improving performance. 
  • Self-awareness: In order to understand the impact you could have on your peers and those around you as a leader, students must develop strong self-awareness. Additionally, before leading others, you must know how to listen, trust and communicate with yourself. We developed nine topics that include being self-aware, identifying strengths and opportunities for improvement and purposeful goal-setting to make learning Ausport and intrapersonal exercise as well.
  • Communication: Why is communication important, and how can students become better communicators through body language, listening and proper execution? These set of topics help students develop a necessary skill for effective leadership. 
  • Influencing Performance: As students move through the lesson, we’ll begin to apply some of the lessons and cultivated skillsets to the field of play more literally. What are the effective leadership skills on the field, and how can traits like discipline and resilience drive home learning Ausport in an effective manner?
  • High Performing Teams: When learning Ausport, student-athletes should first understand themselves, then their team and furthermore how to lead that team. What are traits of high-performing teams, and how can purposeful goal-setting for team member build effective teamwork? With 11 topics we explore the success of past teams and what we can learn from their efforts. 
  • Cool-down: At Leaders of Evolution, we encourage student-athletes and educators to reflect on the lessons learned and how to continue the learning. 

Through a variety of online courses and our free toolkit, student-athletes and educators can make learning Ausport effective and innovative. Learn more about Leaders of Evolution’s e-learning hub partnership, and how we utilize technology and innovative learning methods to improve the performance and strength of your athletic departments and student-athletes. 

Click here to book a 15-minute call with Jon Shephard and find out how our partnerships help your students learn Ausport with us.

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