How Can Our Learning Management System Australia Help You?

Our Learning Management System (LMS) brings your students or team e-learning in a comprehensive, engaging manner while building their leadership skills. One platform with an easy-to-use interface that has all of your materials integrated into one, streamlined LMS portal. Maximise performance on any device, any-time and anywhere.

Learning Management System Australia LMS

What is a Learning Management System?

A Learning Management System (LMS) is a software application for the documentation, administration, tracking, reporting, automation and delivery of educational courses, training and development programs. Our web-based LMS allows students or teams to optimise their e-learning abilities to become the leaders of tomorrow, today. LMS works well for schools, colleges and universities and for corporate teams. Our LMS system encompasses all types of content, including videos, interactive courses and documents. The multi-dimensional aspects of a learning management system provide a unique opportunity for corporate teams and students to build new skills.

Learning & Development That Maximises Performance – On Any Device, Any-time and Anywhere with our LMS

With the Coronavirus pandemic, LMS makes for an easy transition to at-home training and development. For teachers or corporate leaders, LMS tracks the progress of your students or team and allows for real-time updates to best optimize development. With a streamlined communication between learners and instructors, whether apart or together, learning feels like a true team effort. Our Learning Management System Australia is an accessible platform that can be accessed from anywhere at any time, so learning doesn’t have to stop because you’ve left the classroom.

Features of Our Learning Management System Australia

Managing courses, users and roles:

The management feature of courses, users and roles is one of the best features of a learning management system. Allowing for different types of roles and different access levels gives the opportunity to get more than just students involved, but parents, corporate administrators and visitors. The hierarchies dictate what content learners have access to and when. LMS has unique capabilities to oversee an e-learning production.

Tracking learning progress:

Through online assessments and tracking progress/attendance, instructors’ visibility is unparalleled. Our LMS Australia incorporates a variety of different assessment options such as multiple-choice questions, true/false questions, drag-and-drop order, essays, fill in the gaps, agreement scales and multi-answer questions. The learning assessments provide immediate feedback for the learning and provide the instructor with data to help see where learners need improvement. With built-in analytical tools, our LMS has tracking attendance and participation functions. Instructors are able to view attendance, how long the participant took for certain tasks and whether they showed up for classes and event.

Contacting tools:

Contact tools and user feedback are key functions of an LMS. Instructor to learner communication can be constant. A Learning Management System provides a space for learners to connect peer-to-peer through discussion-based forums. Learners’ feedback is instrumental to instructors in improving their work and identifying what works well.

Multimedia formats:

Our LMS Australia supports various forms of content such as text, video and audio. We utilise interactive content to bring the best learning experience possible to the learner. Our technology-enhanced Learning Management System brings the classroom to life in a multi-dimensional way that ordinary ways of learning cannot.

Benefits of Leaders of Evolution’s Learning Management System Australia

Tailored Content Development:

An important aspect of our LMS is leveraging our e-learning expertise. We are here to help you develop, design and customise a learning management system to fit the needs of your corporate team or student population. We understand the need to maximise budgets and we’re happy to delegate tasks in an effort to keep investment manageable. Tasks may include video production & editing, curriculum design to graphic design for the best LMS content.

Staff Development and Onboarding:

We provide comprehensive instructions to make a seamless transition to our LMS. Online or a technology-enhanced Learning Management System, when designed and delivered in an authentic manner, has the power to change people’s lives, provide education at scale and impact the communities the learning is designed for.

Our Learning Management System Partners

“Leaders of Evolution have supported Kilmore Racing Club to establish the values and behaviours that are important for the growth of our people and organisation. Jon and Damian have developed successful working relationships at all levels of the business and their engagement of staff has led to a more positive organizational culture, even at the very early stages of the program. We look forward to our continued relationship and the impact our LMS will have.”

 Ben Murphy Chief Executive at Kilmore Racing Club
Kilmore Racing Club What is Learning Management System Australia

“Leaders of Evolution expertise in curriculum design and LMS development has brought greater depth and impact to our Healthy Living Program. Furthermore, Damian and Jon’s professional approach and knowledge working in remote communities make them a perfect organisation for us to work with. We look forward to our continued relationship with their team.”

Scott Stirling Chief Executive Officer at Red Dust Role Models
Red Dust Learning Management System Australia Corporate LMS

“Using the Leaders of Evolution’s Learning Management System and expertise, we developed an online company induction, welcoming new staff to our team using a fun, innovative eLearning course. Staff across the country immediately feel a connection to the organisation through our LMS and this along with other courses Leaders of Evolution has developed for us, continues to be a critical part of our business.”

Jeremy Djurovich Managing Director at Proactivity
Proactivity logo corporate Learning Management System LMS

To see how your corporate team or students can benefit from a customised Learning Management System, book an online demo with Jon Sheperd, Director of Business Operations & Development.

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