The Three Most Important Types of Life Skills Activities For High School Students

There are many tough decisions that students in high school must make. For example, should I go to college? Where should I attend college? Should I go to a trade school or go right into the workforce? There are thousands of questions such as these that ran through my mind in my last few years of high school. And to be honest, there are no right answers! Everyone has a unique path that they will take in life and have different opportunities and experiences. 

One thing is for sure: learning life skills activities for high school students will be extremely impactful and motivational. High school is a place all about self-exploration and personal development. Students have flexibility when choosing their classes and their passions. Therefore, life skills activities for high school students are important motivational factors that will drive passions and aspirations.  

One key player in the education industry is Leaders of Evolution. Not only does Leaders of Evolution create online courses and programs for students in middle school, but also for high school students and those ready to join the workforce! We are passionate about educating students aged 10 to 18 years old and work with schools to implement our programs into teacher’s curriculums.  

Life Skills Activities For High School Students | Leaders of Evolution

Life Skills Activities For High School Students 

Our three most popular courses are “Young Leaders in Schools”, “Emerging Leaders in Sport”,  and “Future Skills of the Workforce”. Each of these courses is designed for specific ages and provides relevant information and knowledge. Particularly, the “Future Skills of the Workforce” course is designed for students 16 to 18 years old and teaches life skills activities for high school students.  

Within this course, there are three specific life skills activities for high school students:  

1. Leadership Skills 

Firstly, students will learn about the importance of leadership skills and what they look like. Because Leaders of Evolution also targets student-athletes, our course elaborates on how sports leaders and team captains can benefit from using these skills. In many of our courses, we elaborate on the specific skills needed for student and school leadership, such as honesty, innovation, accountability, and more! Leadership should be taught from a young age and further developed as you get older. For this reason, Leaders of Evolution implements leadership skills and traits into each and every online course.  

2. Social-Emotional Skills 

In addition to this, Leaders of Evolution combines professional development with personal development strategies and teaches social-emotional skills into all of our online courses and programs. We hope that through these courses, we can not only equip students with the skills and knowledge to succeed in the 2030 workforce but also inspire the highest type of self-awareness and personal growth. As high school is such an important developmental stage in life, we believe teaching students the ability to build interpersonal relationships and have self-confidence is so important.  

3. Future Workforce Skills 

Finally, we show students that all of these skills are transferable to their future workplace. The leadership and social-emotional skills they have used and practised can be applied to the professional workforce and industry. As future employees, students will need to be honest, innovative, build interpersonal relationships, and have the self-confidence to succeed and be the best! Leaders of Evolution will encourage students to be their best and most authentic selves through our online assessments and 4 C’s Learning Framework – Competence, Confidence, Character, and Connectedness.  

Leaders of Evolution 

Here at Leaders of Evolution, we recognise that learning does not stop once you leave formal education. Everything you learn in middle and high school will be beneficial and valuable in the future. For this reason, Leaders of Evolution strives to provide life skills activities for high school students. Unlike other online education platforms, we have experienced virtual facilitators, engaging learning videos, the 4 C’s Learning Framework, and the ability of peer-to-peer learning. 

For any high school student who takes advantage of our life skills activities, we guarantee that they will… 

  • Develop the future skills to be autonomous & independent workers 
  • Establish a greater sense of professional self-awareness using a workplace learning plan 
  • And apply the 4 C’s Learning Framework in their workplace context 

These life skills activities for high school students provided by Leaders of Evolution will motivate and inspire them to follow their wildest dreams! The future is bright and wide-open for high school students. We are seeing new industry trends that prove all you need to succeed are skills and motivation. In fact, Apple, IMB, and Google are all offering well-paying jobs that don’t require a degree.  

Take the next step and learn more about life skills activities for high school students by partnering with Leaders of Evolution! Click here to learn more about how we prepare students for a successful future.

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