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Each year students come closer to understanding their strengths and skills, and how they can apply their interests to a future career. Educators work with students to deliver a curriculum that focuses on math, science, history and English, encouraging students to improve the subjects that prove difficult.

But what about the skills and topics that cannot be taught solely in the classroom?

Leaders of Evolution’s online life skills courses can help students upskill for the future of the workforce, one that is continually changing and demands a new set of skills for future success, and recognize progress and achievement through the life skills certificate online.

Through the online life skills courses and life skills curriculum, students and educators can better prepare for the future workforce and get recognized for their hard work through the life skills certificate online. 

Life Skills Certificate Online | Life Skills Certificate | Leaders of Evolution

Online Life Skills Certificate 

This past year, the buzzword “reskilling” caught the attention of employers when the World Economic Forum noted the importance of reskilling over a billion people within the next decade.

Non-traditional learning through life skills curriculum and re-focused education has become an urgent need. By 2030, the future workforce needed to harbour a specific set of skills that would make these employees flexible to constant technological changes, and efficient in a world of constant disruptors.

Disruptors include technological innovation, a shift in employees’ needs and wants, changing workforce demographics and newer business models. 

Preparing for a “future-proof” workforce

Additionally, the recent COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the strengths and weaknesses of the current skills many employees focus on, and what is needed for success by 2030.

Leaders of Evolution has designed life skills curriculum of online life skills courses that prepare students for the future, and make the “reskilling emergency” as declared by the World Economic Forum feasible and clearer. Receiving the life skills certificate online shows just how prepared this new generation is for any coming changes. 

Non-Traditional Learning Through Online Life Skills Courses

According to Deloitte Insights, reskilling has business two forms of business value: (1) cost and value (2) meaning. 

  • Cost and value: Reskilling employees can help organizations improve agility, y increasing productivity and overall organizational performance.
  • Meaning: Mutual understanding between organizations and employees create a more purpose-driven organizational culture. This is especially important to members of Generation Z, the newest and soon-to-be largest demographic of the future workforce. 

So with business value in mind, how can reskilling through online life skills courses and the life skills curriculum at Leaders of Evolution prepare students for the reskilling many current employees are eager to do? How can students get ahead of the re-learning wave to become strong future leaders? Before receiving the life skills certificate online, students and educators should implement the life skills curriculum of their choosing to best fit future needs and goals. 

Future Skills of the Workforce Life Skills Curriculum and Life Skills Certificate Online

Leaders of Evolution has two courses with the life skills curriculum: Building the Mindset of Workplace Excellence and Igniting the Leaders of Tomorrow, specifically designed to shape students to cultivate the necessary life skills necessary by 2030. 

How does it work? 

The Building the Mindset of Workplace Excellence online life skills courses includes 4 leadership lessons with a variety of engaging videos, over 39 individual learning topics, teacher lesson plans and helpful guides and toolkits to assist educators and students alike.

The Igniting the Leaders of Tomorrow life skills curriculum features 9 leadership lessons with engaging learning videos, over 39 individual learning topics, teacher lesson plans and more. 

Once students complete the online life sills courses, they can receive the life skills certificate online. The life skills certificate online reminds students to celebrate the progress and success of each student, a necessary leadership practice. In addition to students receiving the life skills certificate online, schools can be recognized as finalists and have a chance to win our Leadership School of the Year Award.

Check out Leaders of Evolution to first choose your course, plan and prepare for the e-learning course, implement the online life skills courses and recognize through the life skills certificate online. 

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