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In unprecedented times during the COVID-19 Pandemic, Leaders of Evolution (LoE) steps up to the challenge and provides unprecedented learning opportunities for young people aged 16 and above.

Leaders of Evolution today announce their new online learning course – Igniting the Leaders of Tomorrow – as part of their Future Skills of the Workforce suite of courses, enabling young people to begin their leadership journey of personal and professional development. Through teacher resources, engaging videos, interactive activities and authentic learning tasks, Leaders of Evolution provides all of the necessary tools to ignite the young leaders of tomorrow, today.

This global pandemic has shown just how fragile our future plans can be, whilst in the same moment highlighting how a solid foundation of leadership skills can transcend during such a tumultuous time in our history. The Igniting the Leaders of Tomorrow course was born out of deep research into future employability skills and the need for young people to have transferable leadership skills for future job opportunities. Many of which have not yet even been created. 

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Sean Branagan, a serial entrepreneur, interactive marketer and evangelist for innovation and startups, directs the Center for Digital Media Entrepreneurship at the world-renowned S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University. His ingenuity in a field of work that is constantly transforming comes with the advice that students must build a toolbox of skills that allow them to work without confinement. 

“In the face of so much change and uncertainty in the world, we need to get more comfortable being uncomfortable. That’s a personal skill we all need,”

Sean Branagan

“But modern leaders also need to model that and be empathic, positive, hopeful, and aware of changing situations and emotions.”

A constant theme throughout this course is being adaptable and having a creative, flexible mindset. As Leaders of Evolution developed this course during the Coronavirus pandemic, the need for an innovative, agile way of thinking was ever important. The course itself is a case study in the action of a small business pivoting during a time of crisis.

Branagan continued on this point of moving through unknowns. “People need confidence, hope and a big view of the future — and WHY it is worth working toward that future,” he explains. “That’s modern leadership, unlike some models we see of false confidence, bravado, casting blame, and offering simple answers.”

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Guided by Leaders of Evolution’s pillars of learning – ‘The 4 C’s: Competence, Confidence, Character and Connectedness’, this course goes beyond just teaching young people the necessary skills and behaviours of a future leader. This course inspires young people to take responsibility and action in their own lives to develop their path for personal and professional growth.

The course includes five lessons which focus on:

  1. Building self-awareness,
  2. Leading and working in teams
  3. Leadership and emotional intelligence
  4. Growth mindset
  5. Designing a leadership profile

Director of Learning at LoE, Damian Hecker opines on the importance and timeliness of this course.

“Our core audience of learners will be confronting not just an ever-changing professional landscape into the future but the uncertainty that a global recession brings. This course is skill-based and encourages authentic application now, that will benefit learners into the future. The timing of this course, albeit in challenging times for so many, could not be more appropriate. Learners can immediately apply the skills they develop to successfully navigate this time and lead others through uncertainty.”

Damian Hecker
personal development courses

Mildura Senior College in Victoria, Australia will be the first school in the country to empower over 800 Year 11 and 12 students with The Future Skills of the Workforce, cultivating their foundational leadership skills to improve their own personal lives, school communities and future places of work.  

If you’re interested in learning more about Leaders of Evolution and their suite of leadership and career readiness courses for 10 – 18-year-olds, sign up for free access to the LoE Education Hub or click here to contact us.

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