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The modern workforce is primarily about job and life skills, with the most prominent companies of today offering well-paying jobs that don’t require a degree. The life skills curriculum at Leaders of Evolution empowers students in life skills classes and life skills groups with career-readiness to succeed in today’s workforce.

Educators nowadays recognize that corporations and organizations look for life skills on the go more than any other job requirement. This is because candidates that possess the job and life skills become more adaptable to the changing needs of the modern workplace compared to those that never belonged to a life skills group. 

This is why the Leaders of Evolution life skills curriculum is aligned to the Australian Curriculum, helping educators and students to maximize learning opportunities as they integrate life skills classes in a fun and engaging tech-savvy learning environment.

Life Skills Curriculum in the Eyes of Educators and Institutional Administrators

Life Skills Curriculum | Life Skills Class | Leaders of Evolution

According to the 2020 Education Report, up to 52.44% of school principals agree that equipping students with life skills on the go—hence, the skills of the future—is one of the biggest and most pressing challenges for their school system. A life skills curriculum can be extremely beneficial for students gearing up to be members—and even leaders—of the future workforce. 

Schools and institutions that have already piloted e-learning courses are further strengthening their learning outcomes and course contents with the help of life skills classes and life skills group under the life skills curriculum. These institutions understand and recognize their responsibility to set their students up for success. They believe that a life skills curriculum can help them deliver on their vision of helping their students find professional success and fulfilment in their career of choice by providing them critical skills and knowledge, along with all the resources that can help them enhance their learning experience.

Life Skills Curriculum at Leaders of Evolution

Leaders of Evolution can sit down with your school board and help you incorporate a life skills curriculum—along with life skills classes and life skills group principles—into your learning program. They can tailor a system that will help your students become better prepared to become more effective members of the workforce. 

The best thing about Leaders of Evolution’s life skills on the go program is its collaborative approach to implementation and facilitation, which results in life skills group contributions that offer an immediate impact. Students are empowered and inspired to apply the principles they learn from the life skills curriculum in their overall learning and their daily living.

The life skills curriculum from Leaders of Evolution is a diverse program that can thoroughly be aligned with the leadership principles and characteristics that your institution teaches. This program can help bring together emotional intelligence and practical workforce skills, teaching students how to use them in their professional journey effectively.

Why Choose Leaders of Evolution?

Leaders of Evolution is a trusted resource when it comes to an effective life skills curriculum. Their unique approach—which includes life skills group principles, peer to peer learning, life skills classes, virtual implementation, engaging learning videos and exceptional learning framework that focuses on competence, confidence, character, and connectedness— work together in an integrative manner to ensure an effective transfer of skills that students will need to ensure their place and future in the workforce.

Another great thing about Leaders of Evolution’s life skills curriculum is that it is aligned with the Australian Curriculum, particularly with Personal and Social Capability curriculum and the Self Awareness, Social Management, and Social Awareness Elements. The life skills curriculum likewise aligns with other state-based curriculums.

Schools and institutions are offered free taster courses for the Building the Mindset of Workplace Excellence and the Igniting the Leaders of Tomorrow life skills curriculum programs from Leaders of Evolution. 

Building the Mindset of Workplace Excellence course consists of: 

  • Four leadership lessons 
  • More than 39 individual learning topics
  • Over 90 minutes of learning videos 
  • Student leadership guidebook and lesson plans
  • Assessment criteria
  • Other tools for teachers 

Igniting the Leaders of Tomorrow course, on the other hand, consists of: 

  • Nine leadership lessons
  • Over 39 individual learning topics
  • 90 minutes (or more) of bite-sized learning videos 
  • Student leadership guidebook
  • Assessment criteria and lesson plans for teachers 

Both courses run through 12 months of subscription and merit a 4C’s-Certified Certificate of Completion.

Leaders of Evolution’s goal for their life skills curriculum is quite simple: To collaborate with other like-minded schools to produce highly effective student leaders with practical leadership and life skills.

Click here for more information about our life skills curriculum.

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