Empowering Students with a Life Skills Curriculum

The transition from schooling and education to the professional workforce can be difficult to navigate. Students can get caught up in the realm of internships, resume building, and college applications. During this stage of life, it is crucial to empower students and give them the resources they need to succeed. 

In fact, 52.4% of school principals say that equipping students with the skills of the future is one of the most pressing challenges for schools. Therefore, organisations such as Leaders of Evolution believe in the importance of life skills curriculum courses that will help students succeed in their future careers and in life in general. 

Life Skills Curriculum | Leaders of Evolution

Life Skills Curriculum

Here at Leaders of Evolution, it is our goal to equip students with a variety of resources that will help them grow and develop as future employees. One course in particular that follows these life skills curriculum is the “Future Skills of the Workforce” online courses. While we provide courses for all students, young and old, this specific course is designed to help students aged 16 to 18 with the skills required to be successful in the 2030 workforce.

All Leaders of Evolution of our courses curriculums align with the Australian curriculums. Because we recognise that many of the students and teachers who utilise our online courses are located in Australia, we want to provide specific resources that align with their future workplace.

Whether students are entering the workforce right after high school, after college, or years later, they should all be smart learners, smart thinkers, and smart doers. These life skills curriculum design encourages students to become independent workers, to establish a sense of professionalism and self-awareness, and apply the 4C’s in their workplace.

The 4 C’s, which include Competence, Confidence, Character, and Connectedness, are taught in all Leaders of Evolution courses and are an important framework for many life skills.


We guarantee that all students will walk away with the competence, or the ability to apply these skills to the real world. By understanding these techniques, students should see a noticeable improvement in their performance outcomes.


Now that the student-athletes are aware and qualified of the skills needed to be a leader in sports, they will have confidence in their ability to influence themselves and others. Our free sports online courses will help develop a student’s sense of positive self-worth and ability.


From these online sporting courses, student-athletes will develop a sense of self-awareness and build a strong character. They will develop stronger senses of empathy, integrity, and responsibility within themselves and walk away as a better human.


Finally, students will have a better understanding of their connectedness and realise that their actions affect everyone around them. Our free sports online courses will teach them the importance of building positive working relationships with all parties involved in sports.

Already, we have helped thousands of young leaders become 4 C’s Certified Leaders, and we hope to reach 100,000 by 2025. Leaders of Evolution realises the rising importance of courses that teach life skills. In fact, Apple, IMB, and Google all offer well-paying jobs that no longer require a degree. Instead, we recognise that many workforces and employers are looking for students and young professionals with the skills and confidence to succeed. Therefore, our online courses are here to help.

Leaders of Evolution

For students preparing to enter the workforce, Leaders of Evolution has provided two courses that follow a life skills curriculum. Firstly, our “Building the Mindset of Workplace Excellence” course includes a 12-month subscription, 4 lessons on 39 individual topics, over 90 minutes of learning videos, and a Student Leadership Guidebook. Also, we provide an “Igniting the Leaders of Tomorrow” course with a similar curriculum. 

Both courses come with a 4 C’s Certificate of Completion and a free taster course. These courses will provide many learning opportunities that encourage students to think about the resources they have and how these can add value to your preparation for the future. 
Here at Leaders of Evolution, we strive to educate every student and every teacher on the path to career-readiness. Are you interested in learning more about our online courses or life skills curriculum?

Click here to visit our LoE e-Learning Hub and try a free taster course today!

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