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Microlearning programs such as adult learning training courses and custom e-learning curriculums are among the areas that Leaders of Evolution specialises in. 

Micro-Learning Course | Adult Learning | Custom eLearning | Leaders of Evolution

Considered as one of the most effective ways of acquiring skills and knowledge, microlearning involves breaking down of data and information into bite-sized, subject/topic-based chunks. It is characterised by bursts of learning on highly targeted topics so that lessons and subjects become a lot easier to digest. 

Microlearning is one of the most effective forms of adult learning that offers a focused approach so that the likelihood of deeper understanding and knowledge retention is increased. 

One advantage that microlearning programmes from Leaders of Evolution offer are the fact that they are easy to develop, implement, update, and deploy compared to other traditional custom e-learning courses. Highly recommended for adult learning, microlearning likewise offers much higher completion rates compared to traditional learning, where adult students or trainees are involved. 

Benefits of Custom and Microlearning Programmes

Because the human memory is only able to hold up to 5 new pieces of information before getting lost or overwritten, a learning style that focuses on key elements within a subject area such as microlearning provides an effective means to retain information. Custom e-learning is an excellent company training and educational learning method that puts a laser focus on much fewer topics than traditional educational programs so that the imparted knowledge can have a greater likelihood of being embedded as long-term memory instead of merely staying as short-term knowledge.

Adult learning programs that employ custom e-learning and microlearning principles enjoy a much higher completion rate, thanks to computer-based training and the ubiquity of mobile devices for which custom e-learning is such a natural fit. 

Today’s mobile devices are capable of receiving push notifications as lesson reminders, on top of other abilities like cloud distribution, translation, and delivery of up-to-date micro-lessons directly to a learner’s pocket. This can help learners—especially adult learners—feel a sense a greater sense of reward and accomplishment, as progress is tangible and earned much quicker. Short microlearning courses result in clear outcomes as custom e-learning lesson plans can be implemented with focused objectives so that there’s a clear direction toward course goals.

Adult learning is also best implemented when you repeat content and lessons at appropriate intervals. This helps cement knowledge in a person’s long-term memory. It also allows them to understand even complex concepts quickly and hang on to the same understanding for much longer. 

Why Use Microlearning?

Micro-Learning Course | Adult Learning | Custom eLearning | Leaders of Evolution

As the workplace constantly evolves, so should adult learning and training methodologies. Leaders of Evolution offers a range of microlearning and custom e-learning opportunities to help companies and organisations refresh their workforce’s skills and knowledge and assist them in transitioning to new work cultures and technologies.

Custom e-learning and microlearning make sense as adult learning methodologies mainly because they offer flexible and personalised learning strategies that meet the need of individual learners. These programmes can be tailored to suit the learning requirements of individuals, and they feature analytics tools that help track their progress, information retention, as well as their engagement. 

As millennials begin to dominate the workplace, companies and businesses can quickly and easily adapt their adult learning courseware with the help of custom e-learning and microlearning strategies that leverage the familiar experience and interactions with smart devices as effective means of imparting knowledge.

The Leaders of Evolution Formula

Micro-Learning Course | Adult Learning | Custom eLearning | Leaders of Evolution

At Leaders of Evolution, the best qualities and capabilities of new technology are harnessed to maximise people’s performance through various custom e-learning and microlearning programs. Where adult learning is required, Leaders of Evolution revolutionises content as well as content delivery mechanisms to help organisations improve upon one of their biggest assets—their people.

A custom e-learning partnership and collaboration with Leaders of Evolution offers an innovative means to deliver and deploy development and adult learning programs into organisations. These are programs that enable people to connect, learn, and engage easily using almost any smart device, wherever and whenever they find convenient. 

Leaders of Evolution offers absolute design expertise not only in building custom e-learning courses for organisations but also in providing strategic setups from start to finish. Their microlearning programmes cater to all learning styles with the help of technology, interactive videos, and other innovative tools like infographics. 

Leaders of Evolution also understands the value of Intellectual Property, especially in organisational settings, providing partners with digital assets that they can call their own forever. The custom e-learning approach that Leaders of Evolution upholds also ensures individualised and fully customised e-learning platforms that are developed for a partner’s unique brand and unique workplace practices.

We’ll show you how to harness e-learning and drive results for your people. To schedule a call, click here.

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