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Snow Academy: The one-stop shop for coaching and online learning

Leaders of Evolution (LoE) are excited to re-launch Snow Australia’s Snow Academy online learning portal with the release of the Fundamentals suite of courses for their new coach education framework. The Snow Academy portal will be an innovative home for coach development and education, leading to a stronger pathway for snow sports in Australia.

The launch of the Fundamentals 1 online courses is the entry point for coaches to support Snow Australia’s Athlete Pathway aligned to the Sport Australia FTEM (Foundation, Talent, Elite and Mastery) Coach Framework. The suite of courses include the pre-requisite Introduction to Coaching which leads into the discipline specific courses for all entry level coaches.


Snow Australia National Coach Education Coordinator, Finn Marsland, said the upcoming launch will strengthen the sport’s holistic approach to athlete and coach development. 

“The launch of the Fundamentals 1 online course is an important, first step in a coach framework that has athlete development at its core,” Marsland said. 

“Coaching is the foundation of participation and performance in any sport. Our new courses are aimed at instructors, ex-athletes and other prospective winter sport coaches beginning their coaching journey.”

Finn Marshall

The new Snow Australia Coach Framework was produced after a coaching pathways review, undertaken in consultation with the Australian Professional Snowsport Instructors Association, Sport Australia and Leaders of Evolution. The review provided LoE with the chance to continue supporting Snow Australia to establish themselves as forerunners in online education within Australian sport.

All Snow Australia online courses consist of theoretical components delivered in bite-size modules, complemented by face-to-face practical sessions. Co-founder at Leaders of Evolution, Damian Hecker, said the development of high-quality online learning opportunities are an essential component of any successful National Sporting Organisation.

“The launch of the Fundamentals suite reinforces the importance of the Snow Academy providing a one-stop shop for coaches and learning” Hecker said.

“We are really pleased to provide a platform for Snow Australia coaches across the country to easily access engaging education that helps improve the experience of athletes of all levels. The work that has gone on behind the scenes from many people associated with the various sport disciplines has been monumental, we’re excited to support Snow Australia with the design and delivery of these courses and look forward to further enhancements into the future.” 

coaching philosophy
Hotham SBX August 6, 2019. Photo Dylan Robinson.

The ongoing development of Snow Academy will comprehensively support Snow Australia’s six disciplines. Over the coming years, the portal will be home to a suite of courses that will inspire coaches of beginner and elite athletes, fulfilling Snow Australia’s vision to be a sector leader in the development of coach education in Australian sport.

More information on Snow Australia’s Coach Framework can be found at the Snow Australia website and you can create a free account on the Snow Academy portal by clicking here.

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