Making the Most of Middle School

If you have ever seen a movie about middle school education, you know how dreary these school years are made out to be. From Diary of a Wimpy Kid to 13 Going on 30, this developmental stage is often portrayed as the most awkward and confusing part of one’s life. While you may not look back at middle school longing to return as you would your college days, it is important to acknowledge how much personal growth and development actually occurs during this time period.

At Leaders of Evolution, we believe these years are crucial to character development and in setting the stage to becoming a leader and standout student. We carefully curated Middle School Character Education Curriculum Courses are geared to helping your students build the foundations of leadership in a fun and engaging way.

We know how vital middle school education truly is and hope to help young leaders make the most of these confusing years. At Leaders of Evolution, we are focused on providing students with an authentic, long-term leadership learning journey whilst saving teacher’s time. 

All About Our Middle School Character Education Curriculum Courses

Middle School Character Education Curriculum | Leaders of Evolution

Leaders of Evolution is fiercely passionate about the capabilities of young leaders. It is no question that the future lies within the hands of today’s youth. We fully recognise the importance of middle school education and are eager to make this time period fun and exciting time for your students.

Each of our Middle School Character Education Curriculum Courses follows our 4 C’s Learning Framework. At Leaders of Evolution, we believe that Competence, Confidence, Character, and Connectedness are essential criteria in transforming young learners into young leaders. 

By implementing our Middle School Character Education Curriculum Courses, we help students develop a strong sense of self-awareness and leadership effectiveness. Students will learn to investigate, research, and deliver projects that positively impact their peers. All while doing so, teachers will gain more positive outcomes in significantly less time.

Our Middle School Character Education Curriculum Courses help teachers establish and implement the most effective student leadership framework. Educators will have all of the resources needed to evaluate their student’s progress and to acknowledge the positive changes being made within their community.

Schools will begin to embrace and strengthen student voice and agency. The life skills and leadership abilities built through our Middle School Character Education Curriculum Courses will have long-lasting effects that will be useful far beyond their middle school education. 

So, How Do These Courses Work? 

Step 1: Choose Your Course

At Leaders of Evolution, you can choose between one of our Middle School Character Education Curriculum Courses: either the Foundation (Year 5) or Advanced (Year 6) course. We have put together an introduction video that prepares teachers to deliver an engaging experience and a smooth transition for the launch of the course. Before beginning our Middle School Character Education Curriculum Courses, teachers will receive a Certificate of Completion and recognise 1 hour of Professional Learning.

Step 2: Plan & Prepare

Leaders of Evolution will provide you with a “Customer Success Toolkit” designed to support the successful implementation of our Middle School Character Education Curriculum Courses, providing handy tips, course breakdown and a 12-month delivery timeline. Our simple Goal Setting & Self-reflection framework will also equip you in achieving your school’s strategic priorities and promoting the application of student leadership in middle school education.

Step 3: Implement

Our courses have been designed in a way that challenges students to apply their learning into authentic real-world situations, thus inspiring tangible growth in performance both in and out of the classroom. Within Leaders of Evolution’s E-learning Hub, educators will be provided with the resources needed to ensure their students’ success, such as teacher lesson plans, assessment matrix, and learning tools designed to enhance students across the 4 C’s – Competence, Confidence, Character, and Connectedness. 

Step 4: Validate

At Leaders of Evolution, we will never leave you hanging! We have set out termly check-ins to ensure that your school stays on track while maximising their students’ leadership goals. Educators will be provided with simple and effective online reports that will help to measure the progress of students. 

Step 5: Reward and Recognise 

We believe that celebrating success is a necessary step in leadership practise! Our team is committed to rewarding both students and schools with a personalised 4 C’s Certified Certificate following the completion of our Middle School Character Education Curriculum Courses. Additionally, schools will be given the opportunity to be recognised at a State or National level and even be deemed the winner of our Leadership School of the Year Award.

Still Need More Convincing?

Middle School Character Education Curriculum | Leaders of Evolution

If you aren’t already set on implementing our Middle School Character Education Curriculum Courses, check out some of our customer reviews:

“We consider all Year 5 & 6 students leaders and with the e-learning course, we can ensure every student has an opportunity to learn these important life skills. We have seen immediate school community impact from our collaboration with LoE.”

Toby Cardew, Leadership Coordinator at Ranfurly P.S.
Middle School Character Education Curriculum | Leaders of Evolution

“Leaders of Evolution has a unique ability to structure learning programs specific to where our student leaders are and the structures we have in place. We’re confident our new e-learning structure will last well into the future.”

Matthew Montebello, Assistant Principal at Williamstown P.S
Middle School Character Education Curriculum | Leaders of Evolution

We are so confident in our courses abilities to help students and teachers that we even offer a 30-day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! 

So, what are you waiting for? Begin your school’s journey to a new and improved community of young leaders today! Make the most out of middle school with Leaders of Evolution!

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