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I don’t want to toot my own horn, but I tend to be a bit of a renaissance woman when it comes to playing sports. I’ve played soccer, basketball, swimming, skiing, and many more throughout my life – well, except Motorsport Australia. I suppose my secret ability was that I was seemingly average at every sport. I was never team captain, nor was I the star player. I was fast and strong for the tall skinny beanpole that I was, but I wasn’t exceptional.  

Leadership Skills Can Be Learned 

There are a lot of reasons for my perfectly average performances across the board. The primary reason was my lacking in leadership. I wasn’t working toward achieving the skills to be an active leader for my teams. That’s one of the most important ways to succeed on the field and rise to the top of your sport. Leaders of Evolution offers courses which allow student-athletes to enhance their skills at their own pace. Let’s talk about an athlete’s skills for success. 

Skills for Success in Sports like Motorsport Australia 

The on-field course for year 9 and 10 students offers the following:  

  • 30 minutes per week (6 months) 
  • 7 leadership lessons 
  • Videos featuring professional athletes, Olympians, and elite coaches 
  • 54+ learning videos 
  • 50+ individual learning topics 
  • Student leadership guidebook  
  • Teacher lesson plans, assessment criteria, and more 
  • Certificate of completion – 4 C’s certified  

Similarly, the off-field course for year 9 and 10 students offers the following: 

  • 30 minutes per week (6 months) 
  • 8 leadership lessons 
  • Videos featuring professional athletes, Olympians, and elite coaches 
  • 60+ learning videos 
  • 54+ individual learning topics 
  • Student leadership guidebook  
  • Teacher lesson plans, assessment criteria, and more 
  • Certificate of completion – 4 C’s certified 

The certificate of completion means that your student is now 4 C’s certified. Leaders of Evolution’s 4 C’s Framework teaches Competence, Confidence, Character, and Connectedness – all key elements to be a successful student-athlete. In sports like Motorsport Australia, refining skills like grit and goal-setting are extremely important.  

Motorsport Australia Skills Learned Through Athlete Development 

Motorsport Australia is the nationally self-recognised governing and sanctioning body for four-wheeled motorsport in Australia. It was founded in February 1953 and previously known as the Confederation of Australian Motorsport. It is actually far more diverse than one would imagine. Motorsport Australia has over 580 affiliated clubs across the country, so wherever these athletes may travel, they can bring their courses with them on-the-go!  

Why Leaders of Evolution? 

Leaders of Evolution Emerging Leaders in Sport courses focus on teaching skills for use on the field, as well as, off the field. Over 267 schools have benefited from the coursework! Educators can enhance students’ leadership capacity through LoE resources, while students can maximise learning opportunities in a tech-savvy environment. Leaders of Evolution aims to be fun and engaging, while also aligning with the Australian Curriculum.  

How Do You Get Started? 

Starting your education journey at Leaders of Evolution is as simple as five steps:  

  1. Choose your course – you can choose an on-field or off-field course for whatever suits your needs 
  1. Plan and prepare – goal setting and self-reflection are important steps to success  
  1. Implement – students have the ability to self-regulate their courses while connecting with the instructors 
  1. Validate – our check-in tools make sure that your school and students stay on track and maximise their goals 
  1. Reward and recognise – we believe in celebrating success and recognising hard work!  

No matter your sport – basketball, soccer, swimming, football, or the fast and furious Motorsport Australia – Leaders of Evolution courses can give you the skillset to lead your team.  

Don’t Wait, Enroll Today!  

Being a student-athlete is not an easy task, but it can be easy to refine those skills with e-learning courses. In fact, it can be fun! Over 400 schools are currently benefitting from the Emerging Leaders in Sport courses. Students are finding coursework engaging and entertaining. We’re proving that learning can be fun!  

Be sure to check out the Leaders of Evolution website for more information and learn how our courses can benefit your student! Click here to read more blogs about Motorsport Australia on our blog page and contact us here with any questions.

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