How To Provide the Academic Support Student-Athletes Want and Need

Leaders of Evolution has a number of online eLearning courses for athletic departments, schools and corporations to increase the leadership capacity of their organisations. One of the e-hub partnerships that Leaders of Evolution is proud of, are those with athletic departments to transition student-athletes from the classroom and field to future careers. The success and work-life-sport balance for student-athletes has always been a concerning topic that the NCAA continues to improve. And still, according to the NCAA, 3 out of 4 former student-athletes reports experiencing difficulty with retiring from competitive sport

Student-athletes deserve to get the same amount of education and life-skills from their higher education as all students, but the pressures of training and sport can weigh heavily on their schedules and academics. We’ll discuss ways in which student-athletes’ educational experiences could be improved, and how Leaders of Evolution’s learning management system can benefit institutions in various ways. There are various organisations bringing attention to the importance of student-athlete leadership capabilities, such as the NCAA, N4A and finally, Leaders of Evolution. 

N4A | Leaders of Evolution

The Need for Career Readiness in Student-Athletes

According to an article by TIME, titled, “Why Student Athletes Fail,” the author discusses how despite growing concerns the NCAA has on student-athletes academics and career growth, “it often feels as though ‘student’ plays second fiddle to ‘athlete.’” In a survey of 147 student-athletes:

  • Student-athletes rated their interest in athletics as an 8.5 on a scale of 1-10
  • When student-athletes were asked about their interests in academics, the results were higher than 9 on average

This showcases that student-athletes are just as if not more interested in their career readiness and academics while attending high school and higher education. However, misconceptions on how much fellow teammates care about athletics can contribute to other student-athletes to under-perform or underestimate their academic abilities, the author argues. Additionally, there is a common misconception among those outside of college sports that student-athletes do not work as hard due to their trainings and competitions. Despite the difficulty, student-athletes may have balancing classes and sport, this doesn’t make them any less hard-working and motivated when it comes to academics. 

NH4: The Route to Change

N4A | Leaders of Evolution

There are a number of programs combating the difficulty student-athletes are facing when it comes to their academics. The National Association of Academic and Student-Athlete Development Professionals, or N4A, is an association “committed to the advocacy, education, professional development and advancement of its members.” The N4A has the vision to be a Global Leader for academic support and student-athlete development in athletics.

The N4A has a number of guiding principles including (1) ethics and integrity, (2) diversity, equity and inclusion, (3) professional development and retention, (4) student-athlete success and (5) service. N4A is one of many organisations passionate about increasing the leadership capacity of athletic programs and student-athletes. Let’s dive into Leaders of Evolution, and how this organisation’s learning management system also pushes student-athletes towards career readiness and grows their leadership capacity. 

Making That Change: Leaders of Evolution’s Online eLearning Courses and Learning Management System

Leaders of Evolution has over 65 online e-Learning courses to build student-athletes towards comfortable career readiness, while still maintaining a healthy and passionate relationship with their sport. Leaders of Evolution’s learning management system helps athletic departments:

  • Become global workforce ready
  • Harness mentorship through alumni 
  • Empower student-athletes on and off the field throughout their athletic-journey
  • Tailor a number of online courses for inclusive learning and development for long-term success
  • Utilize data and analytics to track student-athlete progress and monitor leadership capability growth
  • Leverage your brand as an institution online for exciting sponsorship opportunities

Learn more about Leaders of Evolution’s learning management system and how our e-Learning Hub Partnership can benefit your athletic department by clicking here.

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