The Future of the NCAA Landscape: Name, Image, and Likeness

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Over the past few years, the topic of paying NCAA college athletes has been constantly debated. The NCAA continues to create programs and bills that reaffirm the statement that student-athletes are students first and athletes second. One key debate in this discussion is the term “name, image, and likeness”, which basically defines students’ “right of publicity”. Essentially, NCAA students must give permission for others to use their name, image, or likeness and cannot profit from these attributes related to their athletic ability. 

Many athletes continue to voice their opinions in support of a new NCAA Bill that will allow student-athletes in California to profit from their name, image, and likeness. As an organization dedicated to the success of student-athletes across the world, Leaders of Evolution has also joined in on the debate and has created e-learning skills programs for all NCAA students and coaches. 

Name Image Likeness For Divisions I, II, and III

As of right now, the current NCAA law states that student-athletes must give permission for others to use their “rights of publicity” and cannot profit off these factors related to their athletic ability. However, the rules are slightly different for NCAA students who compete for a Division I school compared to those of Division II or Division III schools. For Division I student-athletes to be eligible for NCAA participation, they cannot promote or endorse products or services commercially related to athletics. They can continue to engage in promotional activities if they are not related to athletics and if they were involved before enrolling in their Division I college. 

For students participating in Division II or III athletics programs, they cannot promote products or services relating to their athletic ability. However, when that promotion is not based on the student’s individual involvement in athletics, student-athletes may be compensated for said participation. No matter what school students go to, all student-athletes are allowed to use their name, image, or likeness in promotion with charitable, education, or non-profit promotions. 

Name Image Likeness | Leaders of Evolution

NCAA Name Image Likeness Bill

In February, California legislators proposed an NCAA bill that would allow NCAA student-athletes in California schools to profit from their name, image, and likeness without regulation. This would include getting compensated from endorsement deals and marketing promotions with companies. This was a big push to loosen the regulations on student-athletes’ name, image, and likeness. Many students support this bill and some have joined the movement. 

Brandon Lee is a former linebacker for the Missouri Football team who is a student representative on the NCAA Board of Governors Federal and State Legislation Working Group. Along with legislators and other student-athletes, Lee speaks for students across the country to gain equal rights. He says that “allowing student-athletes to have the same opportunities as their colleagues in the general student population on campus” is fair and important. 

Leaders of Evolution

By participating in our e-learning skills programs, NCAA student-athletes will have a better understanding of their rights as students and learn important skills that will help them succeed. Students can choose from a variety of e-learning skills programs with different topics for different age groups. Each of our programs will help students build their confidence and skills in a variety of topics. 

Individual student-athletes, specific athletic programs, or NCAA universities as a whole are encouraged to try our e-learning skills programs. We also provide fully customized courses so that our e-learning skills programs can best align with the organization’s goals and objectives.

Interested to learn more about how Leaders of Evolution can help NCAA student-athletes? Click here to visit the Leaders of Evolution e-Learning Hub Partnerships page today. We guarantee that every athlete will walk away from our programs with a strong understanding of their rights and the skills they need to voice those rights on and off the field. 

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