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Leaders of Evolution has a number of non-traditional e-learning online programs for students, athletes and educators to increase leadership skills and performance in effective ways. Leaders of Evolution can save teachers’ time while enhancing the capabilities and skillsets of student-athletes in Year 9 and 10. With COVID-19 highlighting the benefits of online e-learning courses, we’ll highlight Nathan Burke Consulting and Leaders of Evolution’s Emerging Leaders in Sport On-field courses, discussing the benefits of these specific programs. Consider taking our free taster course and learn more about our online e-learning course and hub partnership programs for athletic institutions.

Nathan Burke Consulting

Nathan Burke is the author of “Sports Parenting: How to Make Them Love You and Sport at the Same Time and has a number of services for schools, students, corporations and individual professionals. Some of Nathan Burke Consulting’s services include the “For You” webinar, described as a webinar that allows leaders to “do something for your staff that doesn’t focus on making them more productive.” Nathan Burke’s consulting focuses on coping strategies that focus on resilience and grit and going beyond the workspace, but throughout life, too. In just an hour, Nathan Burke’s consulting session will pose thought-provoking questions such as:

  • How are your people better because you are their leaders?
  • Which parts of your culture have you allowed to evolve by default?
  • Why is it important for you to think about these questions, and seek the true answers to them?

Nathan Burke’s consulting is inspired by the idea that as humans we must push ourselves beyond our comfort zones and into unfamiliar territory regardless of the fear of failure. The ability to challenge yourself comes with discovering and building your strengths and capabilities as a person, not just in the workforce but in life. On Nathan Burke Consulting’s website, he says, “But by being open to new experiences and new possibilities, then it is more likely that you will ‘flourish’ and continue to grow as a person in life and in your career.” Now, after looking at some of the possibilities and work that Nathan Burke does, let’s shift to Leaders of Evolution, and see if we agree with this method of growth within leadership skills.

Leaders of Evolution’s Philosophy

Nathan Burke | Leaders of Evolution

Leaders of Evolution agrees with Nathan Burke Consulting and the philosophy when building strong leaders of tomorrow. At Leaders of Evolution, we have partnered and helped over 267 schools by efficient education programs that focus on outcomes in less time. We know that educators will be able to enhance leadership capabilities and their skillsets without wasting any time nor resources. Additionally, we have researched and built strategic capabilities and a framework for learning that is aligned with the Australian Curriculum. We utilize future technology to create engaging and efficient lessons for students and an e-hub learning program that makes teaching the lessons easier and efficient for educators. 

4 C’s Learning Framework

While Nathan Burke Consulting has its own framework to shape their lessons and services, Leaders of Evolution utilizes the 4 C’s Learning Framework to shape our program. We formed the 4 C’s Learning Framework to better both sport skill in student-athletes and leadership skill in student-athletes, knowing the complexity between leadership and learning in traditional educational settings. The 4 C’s include: competence, confidence, character and connectedness. The 4 C’s were inspired by Jean Cote and Wade Gilbert’s research into effective sports coaching, and focuses on “an integrative definition of coaching expertise and effectiveness.” Let’s briefly dive into the 4 C’s and the relevant definitions integrated into our courses and programs to increase sport skill. 

  • Competence: relates to the skills the learner is developing whether they be technical (what) or tactical (how), and is intrinsically linked to performance outcomes and sport skill. 
  • Confidence: relates to the development of positive self-worth and recognition that the learner can use the knowledge gained to influence themselves and others. 
  • Character: relates to how the learner develops a sense of self-awareness and behaviours such as empathy, integrity and responsibility within the communities they apply their learning. 
  • Connectedness: relates to how the learner is able to establish and foster positive working relationships within the environments they apply their learning. 

Now we have a deeper understanding of the framework and values that shape our online e-learning courses at Leaders of Evolution. So how can our online e-learning courses help increase sport skill within student-athletes? We’ll take a look at our Emerging Leaders in Sport On-field program and how these micro-courses have shaped online learning at a time when it has become a necessity. 

Emerging Leaders in Sport On-field

This leadership online e-learning course was developed to keep students engaged and invest in leadership skills early on. Just a few of the leadership traits and sport skills we focus on include authenticity, inclusivity, empathetic awareness, accountability, resilience and responsibility.

Coaches who are guests for our Leaders of Evolution courses have mentioned in our educational videos include traits like competitiveness and attentiveness. Our courses allow students to assess their own leadership traits and decide whether or not they encompass the traits we believe in and what their areas for growth are. Being self-aware in your traits as a student-athlete allows you to build the confidence needed to succeed, and the resilience and grit to work on areas that need improvement. 

Leadership Styles

Additionally, at Leaders of Evolution, we are aware that different people have different leadership styles. A few of the leadership styles as explained by our coaches include leading by example, extroverted leading, just-doing when leading and connecting and relationship-based leading. We encourage educators to help student-athletes choose the right style for themselves while understanding that this process takes time and practice. Additionally, developing the right leadership idols and mentors will benefit student-athletes while going through our courses and when practising these sport skills and leadership exercises throughout their lives. 

At Leaders of Evolution, we align our programs with the Australian Curriculum and state-based curriculums to deliver efficient, engaging and overall fun lessons to your student-athletes. 

Learn more about our student-athlete leadership and development program and the Emerging Leaders in Sport On-field and Off-field courses at Leaders of Evolution’s website.

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