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Leaders of Evolution has implemented curriculum, training and lessons to build leadership skills in young student-athletes, so that they may be career-ready for tomorrow, today. We understand that when student-athletes transition out of sport, it can be a difficult and painful process. At the foundation of each student-athlete experience are hours of training and practices, memories built with team members and a profound sense of identity connected to their sport.

That’s why Leaders of Evolution developed the National Career Readiness Certificate for student-athletes and athletic departments: to prepare and prosper once your competitive career has come to a close. Our abundance of online e-learning programs and lessons are formed through a rigorous curriculum, and we work closely with each department to address any opportunities for growth to accomplish purposeful goals. 

Student-Athletes Transitioning Out of Sport

National Career Readiness Certificate | Readiness Certificate Courses | Leaders of Evolution

According to the NCAA, 3 out of 4 former student-athletes report experiencing difficulty with retiring from competitive sport. Oftentimes, students are not provided with the necessary resources to have a healthy transition into a ‘9-5’ job. Athletic Director U posted a personal essay that highlighted just some of the experiences found when addressing student-athlete transitions out of sport. After analyzing responses via a Twitter thread that asked former student-athletes to describe their post-athletic transition, 57.3% of responses reported some kind of negative experience:

  1. A profound sense of loss
  2. Not being ready for their future
  3. Feeling like something was missing in their lives 
  4. Physical problems in regards to athletic injury, disordered eating and/or body image issues

Of that 42% of people that reported a somewhat positive experience, they were described as:

  1. Liberated
  2. Prepared for the future

With so many athletes feeling unprepared for their future or dissatisfied with their lives once their career is over, Leaders of Evolution felt it necessary to formulate online e-learning programs and lessons that can allow student-athletes to feel liberated and prepared for the future, the way the majority should feel. One of a few suggestions posed by researchers includes “supporting practical learning opportunities” such as shadowing opportunities, internships, career development and meeting with a counsellor.

Although Leaders of Evolution understands that this issue with student-athletes is varied and layered, we know that our online e-learning programs and the national career readiness certificate continue to help athletic departments build non-traditional learning opportunities that will make student-athletes more career-ready post-sport. 

National Career Readiness Certificate with Leaders of Evolution

Get National Career Readiness Certificate | Readiness Certificate Courses | Leaders of Evolution

So just how can Leaders of Evolution’s online e-learning programs and the National Career Readiness Certificate prepare student-athletes for their future careers?

  1. Global Workforce Ready: Leaders of Evolution prepares students with the skills, frameworks and confidence to properly transform for a purposeful career. This means building the interpersonal and confidence skills needed to build purposeful goals and work towards a job that will provide fulfilment. 
  2. Alumni Engagement and Mentorship: Within the athletic departments and schools we work with, we utilize the power of technology to engage alumni and provide a longitudinal learning experience in the form of professional video content and learning tools. Hearing from the experiences of alumni and advice can provide student-athletes with the drive to continue our e-learning courses and successfully fulfil the readiness certificate course. 
  3. More Than Compliance: We help student-athletes develop skills that may reflect their experience on the field, but can and will be applied off the field in other aspects of their lives.
  4. Holistic Athlete Development: Our programs are tailored to every type of student-athlete, with various experiences and athletic capabilities. Our online e-learning programs and readiness certificate course strive for long-term success even when the game is over. 
  5. Data and Analytics: Keeping track of your progress is necessary when striving to reach purposeful goals. At Leaders of Evolution, we utilize data and analytics to track student-athlete online progress and engagement feedback that can then be used to make any adjustments to learning or celebrate success. 
  6. Enhance Commercial Revenue: Attract new and enhance existing sponsorship opportunities by leveraging your online e-learning programs and National Career Readiness Certificate during a crucial time when online learning has become essential. 

Interested in the National Career Readiness Certificate and our readiness certificate course? Here are the steps you can take to join Leaders of Evolution.

  1. Consult with your Athletic Department and decide your opportunities for growth, the goals you wish to achieve and how our readiness certificate course could benefit the department This will establish the preliminary road map. We can conduct this session together virtually or in-person. 
  2. Utilizing the data developed in our first preliminary meeting, we will collaborate to develop a 3-month curriculum centred around achieving your goals and gaining the national career readiness certificate. Our IT department will also build your online e-learning programs. 
  3. We’ll be developing digital content and learning tools centred around Leaders of Evolutions’ values and learning pedagogy
  4. Around 3-6 months following our initial consultation, we’ll roll out the tailored online e-learning programs for your students. We’ll coordinate for a launch strategy with marketing and communication tools during the release of your lesson. 
  5. We’ll utilize data and analytics to measure the success of your students and make adjustments in lessons and approach when needed. This is all to ensure you garner your national career readiness certificate and prepare students for their careers. 

To learn more about the national career readiness certificate at Leaders of Evolution, click here to schedule a call and consultation with Jon Shephard. 

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