A Comprehensive Guide on the National Career Readiness Certificate

Understanding the National Career Readiness Certificate with Leaders of Evolution 

As an e-learning company dedicated to our clients’ success, Leaders of Evolution works hard to ensure that your students are equipped with everything they need to thrive in any given environment. We’re committed to making your learning journey as enjoyable and meaningful as possible. That is a major reason that we believe in the necessity of the National Career Readiness Certificate.  

The National Career Readiness Certificate is an assessment-based credential issued at four levels; Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. The National Career Readiness Certificate measures and certifies the essential work skills needed for success in jobs across industries and occupations. Our Future Skills of the Workforce course is the best way to achieve a successful score on this assessment. With engaging learning videos, peer to peer learning, and our 4 C’s Learning Framework, students can expect to gain a mastery in topics like time management, self-awareness, goal setting, and so much more.  

What It Means to Be a Smart Learner 

Our team at Leaders of Evolution defines a smart learner as someone who can learn quickly at work and is always enthusiastic about learning. They are stand-out students eager to expand their knowledge and share all they know with their peers. Smart learners demonstrate exceptional time management skills and goal setting abilities. These students work seamlessly in group settings and often take on the leadership role.  

A smart learner would approach the assessment for the National Career Readiness Certificate with confidence and pass it with flying colours, achieving the highest level of excellence. Leaders of Evolution are sure that these students will achieve anything that they set their minds to, no matter what industry they choose to enter.  

Using the 4 C’s to Achieve a National Career Readiness Certificate 

Each of our courses at Leaders of Evolution, including the Future Skills of the Workforce series, follows the 4 C’s Learning curriculum, a proven student leadership framework. Following the completion of courses, you can expect your students to become experts of each trait–Competence, Confidence, Character, and Connectedness. With this, they will have trouble achieving a National Career Readiness Certificate.  

Competence: We define competence as relating to the skills the learner is developing, whether they be technical (what) or tactical (how). Students will be made aware that these skills are intrinsically linked to their performance outcomes. They will be able to recognise what needs to be done to complete a task successfully and efficiently. Competence will help your students when studying for their assessments as they know what material is most important and how they should approach this endeavour. 

Confidence: Leaders of Evolution defines confidence as the development of positive self-worth and recognition that the learner can use their newfound knowledge to greatly influence themselves and others. Students will learn to be confident in their abilities and trust that they have all the tools necessary to achieve success in all of their endeavours. A confident student knows that they can do anything they set their mind to and work hard to accomplish, even if that is earning the Gold level of the National Career Readiness Certificate

Character: This skill relates to how the learner develops a sense of self-awareness and behaviours such as empathy, integrity and responsibility within the communities they apply their learning. By building a positive character, students will become more equipped to act as leaders in any given environment. Students with good character will have no trouble finding success in their future as kindness is one of the most important traits to have.  

Connectedness: Our personal development courses define connectedness as how the learner is able to establish and foster positive working relationships within their communities, both in and out of school. Students will gain a sense of belonging and have the ability to make their peers feel connected too. Strong interpersonal skills are so important in today’s workforce, so connectedness is definitely a life skill worth working on.

Be Prepared to Take on Any Challenge with Leaders of Evolution 

You may have felt as if your students will have a difficult time achieving a high level of the National Career Readiness Certificate or as if this task seems overwhelming. Leaders of Evolution are eager to take all your worries away. We are committed to your school’s success and never want your students to feel like any challenge is too big. With our help, your students will feel prepared to take on any challenge, no matter how big!  

Want a little taste of all that we have to offer? Check out our Free Taster Course today to get a sense of what it will be like working with Leaders of Evolution.  

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