Understanding Australian Sports and the Structure of the National Sporting Organizations

Each country across the world has different regulations and governing bodies for sports. For example, in the United States, the National Collegiate Athletic Association, or the NCAA, is the primary governing body for all sports at the collegiate level, including Division I, II, and III. In Australia, each different sport has its own National Sporting Organization or NSO. Also, each sport has a National Sporting Organization for People with Disability, or NSOD, which oversees sports specifically for athletes with disabilities. 

National Sporting Organization | Leaders of Evolution

Here at Leaders of Evolution, we are dedicated to helping all student-athletes become better leaders and better understand their respective sport. Therefore, we are also dedicated to helping student-athletes understand the organization of the sport in their country. 

National Sporting Organization (NSO)

In 2012, Australia had 102 National Sporting Organizations that were recognized by the Australian Sports Commission, or the ASC. Each NSO represents one sport in Australia and is the primary organization that manages that respective sport. The responsibilities of an NSO includes creating rules and regulations for the sport, initiating sponsorships, organizing tournaments, and enforcing the rules of the game. 

Leaders of Evolution understands that Australia is a large country and is a dominant competitor in many sports. The purpose of National Sporting Organizations is to create a level playing field for all athletes of a sport and ensure that the sport is safe for all athletes who participate. However, because there are so many sports in Australia and each sport has a different set of rules and regulations, there is an NSO for all 102 sports that are recognized by the ASC. 

Examples of National Sporting Organizations

National Sporting Organization | Leaders of Evolution

Cricket Australia (CA)

Known as the governing body for professional and amateur cricket, this NSA overlooks and governs all levels of cricket in Australia. It was founded in 1905 and is responsible for the six-member organizations. Australia has six states and therefore each state has its own organization. However, the Cricket Australia (CA) schedules tournaments and individual games, as well as hosting games for other international cricket teams. 

Australian Rugby League Commission (ARLC)

As rugby is one of the most popular sports in Australia, there are many governing bodies at different levels of competition. However, the Australian Rugby League Commission is the official governing body and was founded in 1924 and is headquartered in Sydney, New South Wales. All other Australian rugby leagues and clubs are under the jurisdiction of the ARLC. 

Netball Australia (NA)

Previously called the All Australia Women’s Basket Ball Association in 1927 and now called Netball Australia, this NSO is the primary governing body for the sport. While netball is still growing in popularity in other countries, Netball Australia still has many responsibilities domestically such as setting team schedules, getting fans involved, and keeping athletes safe. 

Each of these NSO’s only focus and work on one sport. However, there are even more organizations that govern sports in Australia on a larger scale and also within the NSO’s. In order to fully understand Australia’s sport industry, Leaders of Evolution believes it’s important to know all parts of the governing sports bodies such as ASC’s and SSO’s.

Australian Sports Commission (ASC)

The ASC oversees all sporting events and teams in Australia and is primarily responsible for distributing funds to all other organizations. Specifically, some of Australia’s National Sporting Organizations receive more funding and resources than others because of their performance outcomes.

For example, Cycling Australia, Rowing Australia, Swimming Australia, and Yachting Australia are all NSO’s and are known for their high competition level among other international organizations. These four NSO’s have represented many athletes and teams that have competed in the Olympics and represented their country. Because of their higher level of competition and success, the ASC provides these NSO’s more funding than another NSO’s not as well known. 

Other duties of the Australian Sports Commission include collaborating with the Department of Health to ensure the safety of all athletes. It was formed in 1985 under the Australian Sports Commission Act of 1989 but continues to update and change its policies to ensure equal rights and safety of athletes. Leaders of Evolution stays informed about these changes to educate students with the most up-to-date information on Australian sports. 

State Sports Organizations (SSO)

Within each National Sporting Organization of Australia, there are also State Sports Organizations that represent the six states: New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, and Western Australia. These SSO’s manage the teams and athletes in the respective state for each individual sport. For example, the State Sports Organization for Victoria is often referred to as Vicsport.

The organization of sport in Australia can be a very complex system and difficult to understand. But Leaders of Evolution has created an easy way to learn about National Sporting Organizations and has developed programs to help students become better athletes on and off the field. 

Leaders of Evolution Programs

As an organization who aims to help those of all skills and age levels, Leaders of Evolution understands that the Australian system of sports organizations can be confusing. We provide e-learning courses according to the National Sporting Organizations of Australia. 

Whether you are a student-athlete, a sport organization, or just interested in learning more about the National Sporting Organization, Leaders of Evolution is the right partnership for you. We have e-learning programs for student-athletes that will provide them with the skills they need to succeed in the future. Leaders of Evolution also gives organizations the opportunity to create fully-customized and personal e-learning courses that will align specifically with the organization’s goals and objectives.

For more information or to start your partnership with Leaders of Evolution today, schedule a 15-minute call with one of our co-founders, Jon. 

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