How We Can Prepare Students for a National Work Experience Programme

Australia is one of the top employment destinations in the world. But that means the job market here is competitive, and with the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the competition is tougher than ever.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics and the Australian Federal Government, the country’s unemployment rate in June of 2020 for young people aged 15 to 24 was 16.1 percent, and people from that age group made up 45 percent of the total number of those who lost their jobs in May. 

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National Work Experience Programme

In the face of those daunting statistics, now is the time for students to build up their resumes with skills and experience in the workforce in order to present themselves as strong candidates for positions in the future. To do that, students might turn to alternative forms of employment. 

Australia’s National Work Experience Programme is a work experience programme that pairs those searching for a job with temporary, unpaid placements. It is designed to aid job seekers in their efforts to gain more experience in their fields of interest.

With their foot in the door, they can show their potential employers what they’re made of in the hopes of transitioning into a full-time position. 

For each individual, a work experience programme through the National Work Experience Programme can last for up to four weeks at a maximum of 25 hours per week.

While on the job, participants can expect to reap the benefits of on-the-job training and supervision as if they were a regular employee. A job seeker may find a work experience programme placement at a for-profit business, a not-for-profit organisation, or an Australian government agency.

To participate in the National Work Experience Programme, job seekers must be at least 17 years old, registered in jobactive, and receiving income support.

By starting a work experience programme at a young age, teenagers have the opportunity to develop practical skills, grow their networks, and build their confidence before facing the demands of adulthood. While they’re at it, they’ll gain relevant experience in their work experience programme that will count when it comes to interviewing for future jobs and meeting new employers. 

If you’re looking to prepare your students for success in the National Work Experience Programme or trying to help them make the most of their work experience programme during those four short weeks, Leaders of Evolution offers a suite of Future Skills of the Workforce courses designed to teach students how to be effective learners and independent workers in their placements. Here’s a breakdown of how the courses can contribute to your students’ growth in their work experience programme.

Building the Mindset for Workforce Excellence

The Foundation for Young Australians has conducted research on the skills that will be required of young leaders for success in the future workforce. What they’ve come up with are called “The New Work Smarts.” The New Work Smarts are defined by three areas that we should expect to see as commonplace in the workplace by 2030. Those areas are the characteristics of being a smart learner, a smart thinker, and a smart doer. With these skills, students are more likely to be effective members of the workforce in a National Work Experience Programme. 

As part of the Leaders of Evolution Future Skills of the Workforce suite of courses, our “Building the Mindset for Workplace Excellence” course challenges its students to apply The New Work Smarts, develop a stronger sense of self-awareness, and explore how their skills can be used in their work experience programme. This course focuses on grit, goal setting, and workplace learning strategies while teaching students how to be independent workers in the National Work Experience Programme.

Igniting the Leaders of Tomorrow 

Research from Leaders of Evolution suggests that the workforce of the future is going to require everyone who wishes to be successful to display the skills of leadership. As young people start to think about what careers they might like to pursue, a National Work Experience Programme can offer them a chance to explore their options.

While they test the waters of the workforce, you can help them recognize and develop the skills associated with being an influential leader in their work experience programme with the Leaders of Evolution Future Skills of the Workforce course, “Igniting the Leaders of Tomorrow.”

It’s important for students to understand that though their National Work Experience Programme may only last four weeks, they still have the opportunity to make a great impact. And if they present themselves as leaders from day one, they’ll be more likely to turn this short work experience programme into a full-time position, or at least valuable experience that will push them further down the career path.

This Leaders of Evolution course will delve into the behaviours that will allow students to be effective in their National Work Experience Programme roles, no matter what sector of the workforce they may find their placement.

The 4 C’s

The backbone of the Leaders of Evolution curriculum, both in the “Building the Mindset for Workforce Excellence” course and the “Igniting the Leaders of Tomorrow” course, is what we call the 4 C’s. The 4 C’s stand for Competence, Confidence, Character, and Connectedness. These characteristics are four attributes that successful leaders possess, but everyone, no matter their age, must constantly work at building them in order to maintain life-long growth.

With the Future Skills of the Workforce suite of courses from Leaders of Evolution, students will be encouraged to think about how concepts like grit, goal setting, self-awareness, and workplace learning strategies apply to the 4 C’s, and how they can utilize those skills in their National Work Experience Programme.

How to Engage with Leaders of Evolution

To learn more about how Leaders of Evolution can help your students succeed in a National Work Experience Programme, visit our Future Skills of the Workforce page. 

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