Top 10 Features And Facts About NESA Accreditation

As a provider of online education for Australian students and schools, Leaders of Evolution understands the importance of NESA Accreditation for teachers. Abbreviated for the New South Wales Education Standards Authority, this organisation is responsible for upholding the highest education standards and learning in the area. New South Wales is just one of six states in Australia. 

Like the NESA, Leaders of Evolution also follows the Australian Curriculum and aligns our online courses with the national and state-based curriculums. Together, these two organisations are leading the way towards further educating students and also teachers. As our society relies on the work and dedication of teachers, their role and accreditation are crucial.  

NESA Accreditation

Accreditation through the NESA is necessary for all teachers and childhood service workers in New South Wales, Australia. Not only will a NESA Accreditation help teachers, but also graduates and interstate or overseas teachers. Through the NESA website, teachers can create online accounts and get their accreditation through NESA! However, this is a complex process and should be taken very seriously. For this reason, Leaders of Evolution has come up with 10 Features and Facts to keep in mind when interested in accreditation with NESA. 

1. What is NESA?

The NESA ensures that all children and young people in New South Wales are ready to succeed in life and overcome any obstacles they may face. The NESA reports to the NSW Minister for Education and creates educational standards for students, teachers, and schools. 

2. Conditional & Provisional Accreditation

Both are initial types of accreditation; however, teachers should apply for Conditional Accreditation if they are in their final year of undergraduate studies or a graduate-entry teaching degree. Meanwhile, teachers should apply for a Provisional Accreditation once they have completed their teaching degree.

3. Applicants Need Documents of Certifications

During the accreditation application process, teachers must provide proof of university transcripts, 100 points of identification, Working with Children Check (WWCC) clearance, and a passing English Language Proficiency Test score.

4. WWCC Clearances Needed

As one of the documents needed for applying, the Working with Children Check clearances is mandatory for accreditation. These clearances are provided by the NSW Office of the Children’s Guardian and cannot be from any other Australian state or territory.

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5. Applying Online with a NESA Account 

Applying for a NESA Accreditation can be done online once teachers create and log into their NESA online account. It’s here where teachers will provide documentation proof and other necessary application materials.

6. NESA Account Features

After creating an account and applying for accreditation through NESA, teachers can continue to use their NESA Account for updating personal information, reviewing and evaluating PD course offerings, and monitoring the status of their accreditation. 

7. Where can a NESA Accreditation be used?

Teachers with accreditation through the NESA can now apply for work in government schools, catholic schools, independent and private schools, and early childhood services. This accreditation opens the door and gives teachers a wide range of career paths. 

8. Maintaining Accreditation 

Even after the teacher’s initial accreditation, they need to continue to demonstrate teaching practices that meet the Australian standards. They can use their NESA Account to monitor and update their accreditation status. 

9. Higher Level Accreditation

By uploading and annotating evidence, current teachers with NESA Accreditation can also apply for the HALT, or the Highly Accomplished and Lead Teacher accreditation. This accreditation is voluntary but will recognize teachers with excellent and innovative teaching practices. 

10. Leave of Absence

Teachers looking to take a break from teaching in New South Wales can also apply for a leave of absence through their NESA account. Their accreditation will still be valid if they return to teaching in NSW. 

Leaders of Evolution

Leaders of Evolution’s resources have provided to be really helpful in terms of mapping out what influence leaders have in our school community and help the students own their leadership responsibilities”. 

Jack Blytham, teacher at Willow Grow Primary School

By providing online educational courses for students and teachers, Leaders of Evolution is saving teachers time and benefiting their teaching practices. For those who teach children Years 5 & 6, Leaders of Evolution has created the “Student Leadership in Schools” course. Our online course delivery is proven to be not only educational but also engaging and fun for the students! 

Over 267 schools have partnered with Leaders of Evolution and enrolled their students in one of our online programs. Jack Blytham is a teacher at Willow Grow Primary School, a partner of Leaders of Evolution, and claims that our resources “have provided to be really helpful in terms of mapping out what influence leaders have in our school community and help the students own their leadership responsibilities”. 

Because 65% of children entering primary school will end up in jobs that don’t exist yet, it’s important to teach these children about the innovation and leadership skills that they will face in their future. Our “Student Leadership in Schools” course teachers students both in a method that will engage them and make their interest in education grow! 

Are you a teacher interested in learning more about NESA Accreditation or Leaders of Evolution online courses? Visit our website today and try a free taster course of “Student Leadership in Schools”!

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