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Leaders of Evolution Aligns with NESA Students Online Requirements

Preparing students for their future feels like a massive task…and it’s a big stressor for parents. As a student, I’ve seen my parents stress over providing me with the best education. They want me to be well-rounded in my education and be completely prepared for my future. Students absorb information like a sponge absorbs water, except each sponge absorbs water differently. All students have the capacity to learn tons of information, but you can’t expect one method to work for every single one. It’s important to find a social-emotional curriculum that works best for your student. That may not happen in traditional schooling and may require supplemental e-learning from organisations like Leaders of Evolution

NESA Sets Standards for Student Achievement 

NESA Students Online | Leaders of Evolution

NESA students online is closely monitored by the New South Wales Education Standards Authority board. It is an independent statutory authority reporting to an independent Board and the NSW Minister for Education. Their goal as an authority is to support school sectors to deliver the best possible outcomes for students through high-quality syllabuses, assessment, teaching standards, and school environments. Since that time, the authority has focused on developing policies to improve NESA students online achievements, as well as, provide better support for teachers. 

NESA’s Key Objectives

The NESA students online has a plethora of standards and requirements for successful learning, organised in a shortlist of objectives. In May 2020, the Minister of Education and Early Childhood Learning released a statement which outlines three key objectives: 

  1. Deliver the NSW Curriculum Review.
  2. Develop strategies to support the Premier’s Priority of ‘Government made Easy’.
  3. Deliver the Higher School Certificate.

NESA says, “Making sure all children and young people in NSW leave school ready to take advantage of life’s opportunities.” Rising to the inevitable challenges of online learning is at the heart of the board and NESA student online requirements. 

Leaders of Evolution & NESA Student Online Requirements for Education

Leaders of Evolution fully aligns with the Australian Curriculum, which also adheres to the NESA students online requirements. It specifically aligns with personal and social capability and self-management, self-awareness, social-management, and social-awareness elements. 

Leaders of Evolution are passionate about enhancing leadership skills while saving teachers precious time. We are committed to a strategic vision, which is proven by our student leadership framework. Our goal is to maximise students’ learning opportunities and teach the best social-emotional curriculum in a fun, engaging, tech-savvy environment aligned to the Australian curriculum. 

Considering 65% of children entering primary school will end up in jobs that don’t exist yet, it is incredibly important to equip students with the best social-emotional curriculum. When students are able to learn skills such as leadership, grit, and self-awareness, it serves as a transferable skill set. 

E-Learning Benefits with Leaders of Evolution

Leaders of Evolution strives to benefit students holistically and provide them with a transferable skill set for the future. One of the many ways we revolutionise our content and delivery is through partnerships with our biggest asset – our people! An e-learning partnership with Leaders of Evolution is an innovative new way to deliver education and development programs into organisations. We allow people to easily connect, engage and learn – on any device, wherever they may be. 

Parents and organisations can take comfort knowing that Leaders of Evolution aligns with state-based curriculums such as NESA students online requirements. We are with our e-Learning Hub partners through 100% of their learning journey from start to finish. Our partners, including Special Olympics Australia, Essendon Football Club, S.E. Melbourne Phoenix, and the Gold Coast SUNS, receive many benefits that translate to success in their organisation. 

  • 60% of training time can be saved with an e-learning system. 
  • Participants with e-learning vs traditional learning can retain 5 times more material.
  • $30 increase in productivity is released for every dollar invested on e-learning. 

Learn everything you need to know about NESA students online and how to meet those requirements from Leaders of Evolution. If you would like to sneak peek into what courses are offered, please check out the course page and feel free to contact Leaders of Evolution with any further questions. 

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