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Along with the NSW Education Standards Authority providing accreditation for teachers in New South Wales, they also created NESA Students Online, a resource for students in year 10 to the HSC, or higher school certificate. In New South Wales, the HSC is the credentials given to students who complete their senior high school level studies, years 11 and 12 in secondary school. This NESA-developed credential ensures that students are prepared to finish their secondary schooling, enrol in higher education, or enter the workforce.

Another organisation dedicated to helping students in Australia succeed and prepare for the future ahead is Leaders of Evolution. As an online e-learning platform for thousands of students across the country, Leaders of Evolution has created a unique and engaging delivery method that teaches students of all ages to develop personal skills and leadership skills. For students aged 16 to 18 who are preparing to get their HSC, Leaders of Evolution has created the “Future Skills of the Workforce” course.

All students in New South Wales will face the HSC as they develop their path to the future. During this time, students can have mixed feelings and be nervous about the future. Leaders of Evolution wants to make the transition from school to the workforce as smooth and easy as possible. For this reason, we have provided some answers to frequently asked questions that students have about NESA, their Students Online platform, and the HSC.

NESA Students Online FAQ’s

Who Can Use NESA Students Online Platform?

All students in New South Wales in Year 10, 11, or 12 can utilise this platform. Students Online from NESA was created to help students prepare for the HSC and prepare for their future after school. While the HSC is given to students finishing secondary school, the NESA believes it’s important to give students information starting in year 10. It is never too early to prepare for the HSC or to start thinking about your future career. Therefore, NESA wants to encourage students in years 10 and 11 to use the platform to help begin their journey.

Nesa Students Online | Leaders of Evolution

What Information Can NESA Students Online Provide for Students?

NESA Students Online gives valuable and up-to-date information on various topics relating to student’s senior school study. Not only does NESA provide information on how to prepare for the HSC, but your NESA Account can also show students their scores! Your NESA Account is full of information from school-based assessments to the HSC and more.

How Do Students Create and Activate their NESA Account?

Because the NESA Student Online platform is available to all students in New South Wales years 10 to 12, it is extremely easy to set up and activate NESA Accounts! By talking with their schools, students can submit an email address to the NESA and provide other basic information such as full name, school, and date of birth. After your account is created, students will receive a Student Number and create their own six-digit PIN.

What is NESA’s Role in Student’s Preparation for the HSC?

The NESA is here to help students from preparing for the HSC to taking and passing the HSC! Study guides and syllabuses for school courses are provided through the NESA Students Online platform too. Because the NESA recognises the importance of the HSC, the organisation also manages setting the exam papers, creating exam timetables, and other important details for successful completion. 

How Can Students Learn More about NESA Students Online?

These are just a few of the important things to remember about the HSC! There is so much more information about preparing for and taking the HSC, and NESA is here for every step.

Leaders of Evolution

As an organisation dedicated to inspiring career-ready leaders of tomorrow, Leaders of Evolution is also providing resources to help students get to the workforce. In addition to passing the HSC, developing personal skills and leadership skills is extremely important. For this reason, Leaders of Evolution has dedicated one of its online courses to empowering students aged 16 to 18 years old with the skills required to be successful in the 2030 workforce. 

We understand that educating students today means equipping the leaders of tomorrow. Our “Future Skills of the Workforce” course aims to do just this! By aligning with the Australian curriculum, this online course will encourage students to think critically and uniquely engage with the material. Between our 4 C’s Learning Framework, experienced virtual facilitators, and engaging learning videos and assessments, students who finish this course will be ready for their futures. 

Leaders of Evolution follows a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee or your money back policy. We are confident in our ability to educate students in a meaningful and applicable way online. Therefore, students or schools who are not satisfied with our e-learning course after 30 days can get their money back. However, over 267 have already partnered with Leaders of Evolution and experienced positive benefits, including a clearer strategic vision and enhanced performance outcomes. 

To join these 267 schools and partner with Leaders of Evolution, contact us today or set up a 15-minute call with us for more information
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