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If you were told you needed an operation, would it be important to you to have a surgeon who has kept his or her training up to date? Of course, it would.

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Just as it is a no brainer that every person would want to ensure their doctor was properly accredited, it is logical to want all teachers to be appropriately educated and certified. In 2004, the Teacher Accreditation Act made it mandatory for every teacher to acquire and maintain Proficient Teacher Level with the New South Wales Education Standards Authority (NESA). This NESA Teacher Accreditation ensures that all teachers received the knowledge, practice, and support necessary to be an effective teacher that can guide students to achieve their learning outcomes.

In order to best prepare our students for the future, educators must lead by example and prioritise being a lifelong learner who strives to improve their craft continuously. This article will outline the alphabet soup that is NESA Teacher Accreditation, as well as how Leaders of Evolution can provide support to teachers through the implementation of our courses.

Breaking down the alphabet soup of NESA Teacher Accreditation

All of the acronyms a part of the NESA Teacher Accreditation process is enough to make any person’s head spin: AITSL, TAA, and the list goes on. To help make sense of all these letters, here is a succinct summary of the NESA teacher accreditation process.

The NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA), formerly known as the Board of Studies, Teaching, and Educational Standards (BOSTES), is the governing body responsible for establishing and monitoring the nation-wide standards for teaching and learning. All teachers in NSW must follow all steps of the NESA teacher accreditation process.

Initial Accreditation

There are two types of initial accreditation, conditional and provisional. Suppose you are currently in the final year of your teaching degree at an accredited university or have completed a non-teaching bachelor’s degree but have an employment offer as an NSW school. In that case, you should apply for conditional accreditation. All individuals that have completed an approved teaching degree apply for professional accreditation.

Upon providing all of the proper documentation (proof of identity and education, English Language Proficiency test, Working with Children Check (WWCC) check) and gaining NESA Teacher Accreditation teachers can apply to work at all government, catholic, private, and independent schools. Teachers that have just received accreditation are considered to have the most basic understanding of The Professional Standards for Teachers (only known as the Standards) and categorised as Graduate Teachers.

The Standards consist of seven expectations that teachers will meet at differing levels as they gain experience and improve their practice. The national organisation that works across states to drive high-quality teacher performance, The Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL), created the Standards.

In order to advance career stages to proficient teacher, highly accomplished teacher, and finally, lead teacher, a teacher must demonstrate how their practice has improved and meets the elevated expectations across all seven standards.

The Teacher Accreditation Authority (TAA) is tasked with determining if a teacher has achieved or maintained the standards. The TAA for a teacher is dependent on their career level.

Maintaining Accreditation

In addition to continuously improving their teaching practice to reach a high career stage, teachers must all complete 100 hours of professional development (PD) during their maintenance period –  five years for full-time teachers, seven years for part-time teachers. This professional development requirement is imposed to help teachers stay up to date with recent insights into pedagogy and support their ongoing professional growth

It is during the maintenance period where Leaders of Evolution can provide excellent support to teachers.

How Leaders of Evolution supports teacher growth and accreditation maintenance

Leaders of Evolution supports teachers’ professional growth by providing a helping hand during every step of the course implementation process.

First, teachers are provided with a specially designed online teacher introduction course that summarises what students will learn from their Leaders of Evolution course and walks through how to utilize course resources best. This course offers one hour of professional development that can be used to maintain teachers’ NESA Teacher Accreditation.

After beginning one of our courses, teachers are encouraged to focus on knowing their students, making them feel safe, and leading a productive discussion (Standard 1). By providing all of the lesson plans and materials for our courses, we give teachers the opportunity to focus solely on the execution and craft of teaching. Techniques that teachers implement while facilitating our lessons can be directly transferred to their regular practice, and ideally improved so that they can better serve students and progress to the next career level.

Requiring all teachers to receive their NESA Teacher Accreditation is undoubtedly important. Equally as important is giving them the resources and support they need to maintain this accreditation and provide high-quality instruction to the students that will become the leaders of tomorrow.

To learn more about how Leaders of Evolution can support your professional growth, schedule a 15-minute minute call with us today.

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