Never Waste a Crisis – Learning Through COVID-19

It feels like COVID-19 kind of crept up on us slowly like an unseen spectre wandering the globe and then proceeded to bash us all with a sledgehammer in the blink of an eye. I remember collaborating with my Leaders of Evolution business partner Jon Shepherd to make decisions for the business as we saw things start to unfold across the globe. Practical measures to ensure our team and clients stayed safe and healthy like cancelling domestic and international travel, moving to more online meetings and doing filming for our courses via Skype.

We felt these were responsible, practical measures that were in tune with the situation and showed appropriate leadership. Of course, our belief was that before we knew it things would be back to normal and transmission would resume as it had always been. 

Then the sledgehammer reigned down.

We know the dire impact the virus has had on the health of a global population, the economic fall-out and the general disruption to life as we know it. Working so closely with the education sector and having been a teacher myself, I couldn’t help but marvel at the resilience of schools and educators as they spun on a dime to completely change the way they had been ‘doing business’ for as long as they had known.

As an online learning company, with a focus on leadership we knew it was incumbent on us to find a way to support and assist teachers and students in this time. Rather than see it as a time to market heavily or ‘capitalise’ we’ve been spending our time considering what tools we have at our disposal to help. Our Free Micro Courses are the result of this internal thinking and we are proud to launch these learning opportunities for schools around the globe, for free for the rest of 2020.

We have designed the courses using some of our most popular and effective lessons from our Young Leaders in Schools, Emerging Leaders in Sport and Future Skills of the Workforce courses to motivate and inspire students and teachers as they adapt to the new normal of remote learning during term 2.

Here’s how to create an account and access the learning

  1. Create an account by clicking this link
  2. Log in to the LoE Education Hub
  3. Navigate to Free Micro Courses on the left hand menu
  4. Click your course of choice and start learning
  5. Have fun!

While you are there teachers, check out our Free Toolkit which has 21 resources and activities for both teachers and students.

A massive shout out and thank you to educators across the globe right now. Your ability to change and adapt the way you do things in such a short period of time is commendable and we hope the LoE Micro Courses can go some way to providing further value to your remote teaching experience.

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