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Leaders of Evolution is one of the thousands of organizations that provide leadership courses for students and athletes. We aim to help student-athletes in the NCAA, in Australia, and all over the world. The National Federation of High School Sports, or the NFHS, is another organization that focuses on the success of athletes, specifically those who are in high school athletics. They are based in Indiana but advocate for student-athletes in all 50 states and Washington D.C. 

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The NFHS writes and edits rules for all high school sports and also promotes student participation in fine and performing arts programs. However, with society changing and putting emphasis on technology, NFHS has also created an online platform to provide online courses for students known as NFHSLearn


Created by the NFHS Learning Center, NFHSLearn creates online courses for high school student-athletes, coaches, officials, and parents of sport. Any member of the interscholastic community can benefit from the over 70 NFHS courses. There are even over 30 free courses available including “Concussion in Sports”, “Heat Illness Prevention”, “Sudden Cardiac Arrest”, and “Protecting Students from Abuse”. 

NFHSLearn continues to keep up with current events and is always creating new NFHS courses that deal with the newest information. For example, just this year, they released a “COVID-19 for Coaches and Administrators” course that explains the challenges COVID-19 has brought to the sports industry and possible solutions. For this specific course, there are 4 sections, each with 2-3 subsections. 

The “First Aid, Health, and Safety” course is one of the most popular courses that NFHS offers for students and coaches. The price of this course depends on the state of the student, but a majority of the state’s costs around $35 to $45. This course has 10 sections, each with 4-11 subsections. NFHS hopes that by providing this course, students and coaches will have a basic knowledge of the first aid and safety procedures in case of an emergency. NFHS partnered with the American Red Cross to create this course. 

Almost all of NFHS courses are NFHS Coach Certified, meaning they have been approved and certified by coaches at the interscholastic level. Overall, NFHSLearn has provided really great leadership courses for students and is an excellent resource for students to learn more about their participation in interscholastic sports

Leaders of Evolution

We provide a wide variety of online courses for student-athletes and have designated them by grade level. Our “Emerging Leaders in Sport” course is designed for students in years 9 & 10 and “Future Skills of the Workforce” for students in years 11 & 12. We guarantee that high school students of any age will take away important leadership skills from our programs and we encourage high school athletic programs to start their partnership with us. 

Standing in agreement with the National Federation of High School Sports, we recognize the positive impact that the organization and NFHS courses have on student-athletes. We understand that high school athletics is a very important stage of an athlete’s life, both on and off the field. Interscholastic sports allow students to develop important leadership and development skills. We believe that pairing leadership courses for students by NFHSLearn and Leaders of Evolution will enhance student’s understanding of leadership in sports. 

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