Ongoing Development. Always?

As the new year greets us all and we slowly transition from the holiday malaise to the routine and structure of work we quickly get reminded of the things we need to ‘do’. That’s what we go to work for right? To ‘do’ our work?

How many of us focus on how we can be better at what we do and how this can be achieved?  Do you have a mentor or peer coach who supports you in this process?  Even more unlikely, are you encouraged by your organisation to put your learning and development at the forefront of your practice?

Often a culture of ‘doing’ is predisposed amongst organisations because, let’s face it, there is a lot to do!  However could we ‘do’ things better, more efficiently and more strategically if the initial focus was on learning and development?

Many organisations pay scant regard to staff learning, bundling it under an oft under utilised and rarely strategy serving professional development budget.  It seems to be unfairly treated as the black sheep of human resources.

So how might an organisation benefit from developing a learning and development plan for their staff?

Hire the right people – it starts before a new employee walks through the door.  Hiring staff who align with your cultural values is critical and hey, who wouldn’t want a staff member committed to their ongoing development?

On-boarding/Mentoring – new employees who go through a structured on boarding program are 69% more likely to remain with the company for up to three years (source).  Developing a structured on-boarding program also leads into offering leadership opportunities to current staff through a mentor role with incumbents.

Retention – A well structured organisation learning and development plan demonstrates leadership and an investment in people.  Most employees value the opportunity to learn and in turn, develop their careers.  In fact a PwC study found that younger workers prefer career development to bonuses by a ratio of 3:1 (source), interesting fodder for those in charge of investing in their people.

Way up/Way out – The trajectory for most eager and focused professionals is up.  As we all know however, flat organisation structures or a lack of opportunities will push great people out as well.  Do you celebrate the success of those who go on to bigger and better things elsewhere?  Largely this should be a tick for an employer who has invested in employee development and supported their professional growth.

A holistic approach to staff learning and development will add great value to organisation efficiencies but perhaps more importantly, demonstrate a genuine investment in your people and nurture a culture of excellence.

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