Empower Student Leaders Through Online Leadership Development Programs

Student leadership is an important aspect of a child’s education. Participating in online educational development programs allows students to unlock their leadership potential. Our online student leadership training program allows students to engage in a fun way while cultivating important skills that propel students to be active leaders in their communities. Learning the skills of leadership is going to help students be better learners, good friends and people who care about much more than just themselves.

Online Leadership Development Programs for New Leaders

We build a foundation of strong knowledge with the skills and concept of leadership through an online learning development course that is comprehensive for young students. Our online student leadership programs provide students with our 4 C’s Learning Framework that is easy to understand. The 4 C’s have been inspired by Jean Cote and Wade Gilbert’s research into effective sports coaching where they found coaches play a role in influencing their players’ Competence, Confidence, Character and Connectedness – The 4 C’s. The 4 C’s transition smoothly across all student leadership courses that we design and ultimately, learners will walk away with their Competence, Confidence, Character and Connection enhanced.

The 4 C’s Learning Framework: Online Leadership Development Programs for New Leaders
4 C’s Learning Framework

Not only do we make it easy for students to grow into new leaders, but we also give teachers and educators a step-by-step guide with advice from experienced teachers and the Leaders of Evolution team. Our Young Leaders in Schools – Teacher Intro course will prepare all teachers to deliver an engaging in-class experience and provide students with numerous opportunities to apply their newfound skills and reflect on these experiences. We utilize peer to peer learning and student-driven projects. Encouraging students to have a strong relationship with their mentor affords students to then discuss with their mentor and strengthen the covered material in their online educational leadership development courses. 

The training programs provide an approach that will cater to both the Foundation and Advanced courses. The best bit – all the planning is done by Leaders of Evolution. The educational development course contains instructional videos and the resources to enhance the leadership learning experience of students and the facilitation experience of teachers. Once teachers and educators have completed the course, they will feel empowered to deliver an engaging program with their students and will have access to all of the tools necessary to achieve success.

Students Will:

Teachers Will:

  • Gain more outcomes in less time
  • Establish & implement an effective student leadership framework
  • Leverage course resources, evaluate student progression and acknowledge the application of tangible leadership

Schools Will:

  • Develop and embrace student voice and agency
  • Encourage, challenge and celebrate the leadership learning experience of students
  • Recognise the achievements of student growth and the delivery of school community projects

What Schools Are Saying:

“I’ve found the resources Leaders of Evolution have provided to be really helpful in terms of mapping out what influence leaders have in our school community and help the students own their leadership responsibilities.”

Jack Blytham Year 5 & 6 Teacher at Willow Grove P.S in Victoria, Australia
Online Leadership Development Programs for New Leaders

“Leaders of Evolution have a unique ability to structure learning programs specific to where our student leaders are and the structures we have in place. We’re confident our new e-learning structure will last well into the future.”

Matthew Montebello Assistant Principal at Williamstown P.S in Melbourne, Australia
Online Leadership Development Programs for New Leaders

“We consider all Year 5 & 6 students leaders and with the educational online learning course, we can ensure every student has an opportunity to learn these important life skills. We have seen immediate school community impact from our collaboration with LoE.”

Toby Cardew at Leadership Coordinator at Ranfurly P.S in Victoria, Australia
Online Leadership Development Programs for New Leaders

Our online educational courses align with the Australian Curriculum, specifically the Personal & Social Capability and the Self-management, Self-awareness, Social Management and Social Awareness elements (Levels 4 & 5). Our trainings also align with State-based curriculums.

Online Leadership Development Programs for New Leaders

How It Works:

Step 1: Choose Your Course

Select either the Foundation (Year 5) or Advanced (Year 6) course and utilise our “Online Teacher Introduction” Course hearing advice from experienced teachers and the Leaders of Evolution team. The step-by-step guide prepares teachers to deliver an engaging experience and a smooth transition for the launch of the educational training course. Teachers will receive a Certificate of Completion and recognise 1 hour of Professional Learning through our programs.

Step 2: Plan & Prepare

A “Customer Success Toolkit” has been designed to support the successful implementation of your Young Leaders in Schools E-learning Course, providing handy tips, curriculum breakdown and a 12-month delivery timeline. A simple Goal Setting & Self-reflection framework will also equip you in achieving your school’s strategic priorities and promoting the application of student leadership.

Step 3: Implement

We design our online educational training courses in a way that challenges students to apply learning into authentic real-world contexts, which inspires tangible growth in performance. The E-learning Hub will empower you with readily available resources, such as teacher lesson plans, assessment matrix and learning tools all designed to enhance students educational development across the 4 C’s – Competence, Confidence, Character and Connectedness.

Step 4: Validate

We won’t leave you hanging! Our termly check-in and supporting tools ensure your school stays on track and maximises their student leadership goals. Simple and effective online reports also help you track and measure the progress of students.

Step 5: Reward & Recognise

Celebrating success is an important leadership practise! Our team is committed to rewarding both students and schools by presenting all students who complete the course with a personalised 4 C’s Certified Certificate. Schools will also have the opportunity to be recognised as a State and National finalist and winner of our Leadership School of the Year Award.

Online Leadership Development Programs for New Leaders

Our Young Leaders in Schools online courses are designed to amplify the educational leadership development of student leaders through our 4 C’s Learning Framework. By the end of the online program and with the support of an engaged teaching team, we guarantee students will develop their leadership Competence, Confidence, Character and Connectedness whilst gaining great results for the school community in the process. 

Our free online taster educational course Young Leaders in Schools provides principals, teachers and other school staff in Melbourne, Victoria and across Australia with a snapshot of the materials your students can access within the Young Leaders in Schools suite of courses. The course has a lesson dedicated to the Advanced and Foundation courses and will provide a sneak peek at the learning videos, 4 C’s Learning Framework, learning opportunities and much more. Set sail on the learning adventure with their students armed with the knowledge and resources to make it successful, click here to learn more.

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