How Young Leaders in Schools Program Helps Students Gain Confidence from Within

As a recent graduate of the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University, I’ve spent time reflecting on my education and the skills I acquired in my courses and in clubs on campus. There’s no doubt that my degree and my communications courses will help me land a stable job, that over time with unexpected turns throughout my life, will turn into my career. Still, my time at Syracuse would feel incomplete if I had not taken the time to cultivate specific skills within and in addition to my program’s required courses. Acquiring and building on essential skills is necessary from a young age, and with a changing job market, college courses and degrees alone will not guarantee students will be prepared to change and grow with emerging technologies across all industries in their lives. Leaders of Evolution’s online Young Leaders in Schools program can serve as a framework to sharper on these skills at an important time in a student’s life. 

The Importance of Building Leadership Skills 

According to the 2016 World Economic Forum Report, “in many industries and countries, the most in-demand occupations or specialties did not exist 10 or even five years ago, and the pace of change is set to accelerate.” In order for young students to prepare themselves with the demands of changing job markets, they have to have a strong foundation in leadership skills that will translate to willingness, curiosity and passion to learn regardless of the career path chosen in their lives. Additionally, these skills will transfer to any higher education courses they wish to pursue in the future.

Additionally, younger generations are switching between roles and companies at a faster rate than their parents. While my dad has worked at the same company for the last 30 years of his life, my peers and I find it more common to switch between companies throughout our lives and careers. As educators, adding and supplementing in non-traditional educational courses can better prepare students for the exciting challenges ahead. Leaders of Evolution’s online Life Skills Course is an online program that provides an educational framework that implements challenges, opportunities and benefits to every type of learner.

Online Student Leadership Through Young Leaders in Schools

How can educators provide helpful coursework through the Young Leaders in School’s online program? First, to receive an overview of the materials educators can receive through online courses, take the free online taster course. The materials provided are split between the advanced and foundational online courses that educators can focus on.

An Overview of this Coursework 

4 C’s Self-Assessment – What are the four C’s?

Competence – The skills you develop in life and how you put these skills into action to be efficient 

Character – Your personal values and how you treat those you surround yourself in life

Confidence – How do you feel about your own leadership ability? Also, how can you build the confidence of those around you?

Connectedness –  How well you develop relationships with your peers and other stakeholders in your life

The online self-assessment allows you to celebrate your development and seek out improvement and progress. Self-awareness can allow students to focus in on the skills to become better leaders not just towards their peers, but lead themselves towards improvement as well.

Areas of Self-Awareness

Online Life Skill Courses & Programs | Leaders of Evolution

An effective leader is aware of their strengths and skills while recognizing the challenges and areas of improvement during different stages of their life. Knowing oneself inside and out can make it easier to understand those around you, and build meaningful interpersonal connections with others, a helpful and one of many essential skills.

Areas of self-awareness include, how you work in teams, how you like to learn, how you communicate with others, what your body language says about you, your reactions to different situations, your strengths, your resilience and your ability to set goals. The Young Leaders in Schools program has short courses that take students through the steps of self-awareness and self-assessment in all these levels.

Relationships Throughout Your Life

Young leaders should assess their stakeholders in order to build strong interpersonal relationships. Throughout their lives, students will be forming new relationships with their peers and need to assess how they are feeling. Two other major stakeholders in students’ lives and communities are parents and teachers. Building on connectedness, the ability to effectively find and build connections with stakeholders, leads to improved communication, another essential skill for students. 

Finding Meaningful Purpose and Measuring Outcome

Online Life Skill Courses & Programs | Leaders of Evolution

As a young leader, it’s necessary to plan out goals for each course, skill or project you’re working on in life. Having this clear purpose will make the outcomes that much more rewarding. At Leaders of Evolution, the Young Leaders in Schools online program makes it so educators can work with students to define these goals and purposes, for maximized results at an important stage in a student’s life.

Overall, building leadership skills at the age of a young student takes time, the right kind of mentorship, and a willingness to exemplify the 4 C’s. Leaders of Evolution’s online courses are a framework for which educators can strengthen students’ skills. The learning does not end here, however, and there’s always room for more growth throughout a young leader’s life. Check out more of our online programs to see what is the best fit for your students and the leaders of the future. 

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