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Partnering with a goose is all it’s ‘quacked’ up to be!

It’s no secret that establishing and fostering partnerships in business goes a long way to helping companies of all sizes create and sustain networks, develop their people and generate profitable market share.

How often do we approach a new client having honed in on their vision and values as the barometer which underpins relationship development and business to business synergy?  Working with like minded geese (AKA ‘clients’) sits as an extremely high priority for my start-up business, Leaders of Evolution.

The Canadian goose plays a significant role in the companies communication plan. The following 3 areas outline the reasons why this tenacious bird inspires our practice and how we can all learn from their culture:

1. Shared vision

People who share a common direction and sense of community can get where they are going quicker and easier if they support each other.

The flying ‘V’ formation allows flocks of geese to add 71% greater flying range than if each bird flew on its own.

2. Synergy 

Author Mark Twain describes synergy as ‘The bonus that is achieved when things work together harmoniously’.

Canadian flying geese epitomise this theory by supporting members of the flock who fall out of formation. They fly with injured or tired birds in small groups to ensure their safety and that the group’s ‘synchronised energy’ propels all members to the destination.

3. Communication

Excellent communication in teams develops clarity of roles and drives success.  Having a system which keeps everyone focused on the vision and their what their role is in achieving the vision is imperative.

Canadian flying geese have truly mastered this art.  They communicate by honking at each other for encouragement or to change positions in the flock.  No goose gets left behind and the vision remains aligned.

The image supporting this publication sits within the background of our ‘contact us’ page.  I encourage you to visit Leaders of Evolution website to reflect on the other images that also signify important cogs in our communication plan.

Does your organisation partner with geese?  Please share your thoughts on the importance of partnering with those who possess a similar value and vision.

Jon Shepherd

Co-founder at Leaders of Evolution
Away from his ongoing quest of learning to surf, Jon's busy overseeing marketing, sales and business development at Leaders of Evolution. His love for all sports, especially NBA & NCAA basketball ensures he is never far off a live ESPN score up-date.

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