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How Can E-learning Help?

Management leadership program, Emerging leaders program, Leadership training topics

Design Expertise

Leaders of Evolution not only build e-learning courses but provide the strategy setup from the start. Catering for all learning styles with interactive videos, infographics and more.

Teaching resilience

Leverage IP

Leaders of Evolution understand the importance of organisations IP, that’s why we provide a digital asset that remains yours – forever.

Top leadership programs

Fully Customized

Unique to our competitors, Leaders of Evolution partner with organisations to drive greater levels of workforce development by fully-customising and branding your own E-learning Platform.

Coaching courses, Leadership development, Corporate training program

Optimise Revenue Streams

Leaders of Evolution will enhance the performance of your people all the while developing efficient workplace practise, saving time and diversifying revenue streams by e-commerce functionality & leveraging sponsorship opportunities.

Some of Our Satisfied Clients..

Free online courses, Learning management systems, Online coaching certification
Learning management systems, Free online courses, Leadership training topics
Online coaching certification, Coaching courses, Corporate training program
Free online courses, Leadership training topics, Emerging leaders program
Management leadership program, Free online courses, Learning management systems

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Athlete development online course

Jon Shepherd

Co-founder, Leaders of Evolution

How It Works

Management leadership program, Leadership training topics, Emerging leaders program

Step 1: Consult & Collaborate

The first step to success is understanding your organisations, the issues you’re facing and the goals you wish to achieve.

This session (s) will establish the preliminary road map, which will be implemented to inspire positive change and development within your organisation.

Step 2: Customise & Engage

Utilising the data generated in Step 1, we’ll collaborate with team members to develop a 3-6 month course design to achieve your immediate goals.


Simultaneously, our highly experienced development and IT team will build your full-customised E-learning Platform. This is typically a 4-6 week project.

Online coaching certification, Corporate training program
Coaching courses, Learning management systems, Leadership training topics

Step 3: Design & Develop

Quality content is critical to engage online learners, and behind quality content sits a robust curriculum & learning pedagogy.


We specialise in both, and together with your industry specific expertise we can truly take your audience on a purposeful learning journey.

Step 4: Deliver & Educate

We typically launch your first course 6-9 months following our first consultation (Step 1).

The deployment of your first e-learning courses is an exciting achievement in executing your 3-year Digital Learning and Workforce Development Plan.

Organisations typically launch 1-2 courses every year.

Emerging leaders program, Free online courses, Online coaching certification
Leadership development, Corporate training program, Learning management systems

Step 5: Review & Scale

Live data & analytics help us measure the success and prepare us for future e-learning courses.

Completion rates, time on platform and participant feedback are among some of the important areas to review.

We meet in person with you bi-annually, with these strategy sessions continuing to provide a strong foundation for the future development of e-learning courses.

Let's Us Show You How To Harness E-learning And Drive Results For Your People.

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Why Leaders of Evolution?

Showcase Ambassadors & Coaches

Optimised Learning Platform

Our Curriculum Expertise

Animated Content Development

What People Are Saying

Leadership development, Coaching courses, Learning management systems

Simon Rodder, Sport Development Partnerships Manager at Special Olympics Australia

Our first course has exceeding all expectations and we are excited to launch more courses for our community.

We have seen over 900 registrations and over 200 hundred coaches complete the first course - Improving Sport for People With Intellectual Disability Course - with a satisfaction rate of over 97%


Online coaching certification, Soft skills, Leadership development

Steve Nelson, Participating & Sport Development Manager at Ski & Snowboard Australia

The E-learning Hub allows us to nationally educate coaches for our flagship program, Little Shredders.

We are currently in the planning stages of releasing two additional e-learning courses and have taken a great responsibility in the project to maximise our impact.

Leaders of Evolution

Brad Levy, Education Training and Research Manager at National Rugby League (NRL)    

We have worked with Leaders of Evolution to develop learning materials for our coaches and the Play NRL website.

They have a high level of understanding as it relates to contemporary coaching methodology and coach education and we thoroughly enjoy working with them.

Leadership, High Performing Teams, Rugby, Sport

James Godfrey, General Manager (Former) at NSW Rugby Positive Rugby Foundation

Knowing we needed to connect with our wider Rugby community and provide purposeful and engaging learning resources to them it was an easy choice to engage Leaders of Evolution as a learning and development partner.

Their deep knowledge of sport from community to elite is massive value add to their skill set in education and technology.

Hub Partnerships- Leaders of Evolution - Free Courses

We Walk The Talk

As a learning and development company with a focus on leadership, coaching and culture we continue to develop our own suite of online courses sharing our own experiences and industry insights with all our E-learning Partners.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Talk To Us

We’ll Show How To Harness E-learning And Drive Results For Your People.

Just Give Us 30 minutes.

Athlete development online course

Jon Shepherd

Co-founder, Leaders of Evolution