How Personal Development Courses Can Help to Better Your School’s Community

Are you looking to learn long-term life skills? Luckily for you, Leaders of Evolution has carefully curated personal development courses geared towards empowering students with the career readiness skills required to be successful in any given workforce.

Our development courses are guaranteed to enhance students’ leadership capacity and learning experience while saving teachers’ valuable time.

We provide your students with the materials and tools needed to grow as an individual. Unlike one’s boring old math class, your students will find our personal development courses both fun and engaging. At Leaders of Evolution, we have no doubt that your students will be eager to show off their new leadership abilities leading to a new and improved school community. 

What will the implementation of personal development courses do for you? 

By implementing Leaders of Evolution’s development courses, students will develop the skills needed to become an autonomous and independent worker.

They will establish a greater sense of professional self-awareness by using a workplace learning plan. Additionally, students will learn to apply the 4 C’s – Competence, Confidence, Character & Connectedness both in and out of a school environment.

Through our personal development courses, teachers will gain significantly more outcomes in significantly less time. With the help of our resources, teachers will be able to fully support students throughout their learning journey and evaluate the progress of the knowledge.

Leaders of Evolution allows teachers to turbocharge their work experience with contemporary, engaging and research-backed learning materials.

But that’s not all! Not only will students and educators benefit greatly from our personal development courses, but so will the entirety of your school community.

By working with Leaders of Evolution, your school will provide new, flexible learning opportunities to promote the success of your students. Immediately, your school will recognise the importance of this unique curriculum approach and how a focus on future workforce skills can enhance learning. Within your school’s community, students will be excited to apply their new leadership abilities in real-life workplace contexts. 

Personal Development Courses | Leaders of Evolution

Our 4 C’s Learning Framework

At Leaders of Evolution, we are fiercely passionate about the success of our eccentric approach to learning. We believe that the 4 C’s transition smoothly across all of the learning we design and ultimately we want learners walking away with their Competence, Confidence, Character and Connection enhanced – regardless of the course they have engaged with. 

Competence: We define competence as relating to the skills the learner is developing whether they be technical (what) or tactical (how). Students will be made aware that these skills are intrinsically linked to their performance outcomes. They will be able to recognise what needs to be done to complete a task successfully and efficiently. 

Confidence: Leaders of Evolution defines confidence as the development of positive self-worth and recognition that the learner can use their newfound knowledge to greatly influence themselves and others. Students will learn to be confident in their abilities and trust that they have all the tools necessary to achieve success in all of their endeavours. 

Character: This skill relates to how the learner develops a sense of self-awareness and behaviours such as empathy, integrity and responsibility within the communities they apply their learning. By building a positive character, students will become more equipped to act as leaders in any given environment. 

Connectedness: Our personal development courses define connectedness as how the learner is able to establish and foster positive working relationships within their communities, both in and out of school. Students will gain a sense of belonging and have the ability to make their peers feel connected too. 

The Importance of Goal Setting

In addition to enhancing your students across the 4 C’s, our personal development courses will teach your students all about the importance of goal setting for career success.

Setting goals gives one direction, purpose and is directly correlated with learning and the mastery of a trade. Not only does goal setting keep students on track, but it also shows employers and educators that they are serious and passionate about what they do.

One’s ability to work on areas that they care about and that are aligned to personal growth is what goal setting is all about. With Leaders of Evolution, our development courses will instruct your students how to set goals in the most efficient manner. Students will explore the concept of time management and complete a personal development plan that can be put straight to use. 

Already, 267+ schools have benefited from partnering with us at Leaders of Evolution. Our goal is simple, yet powerful: We’re collaborating with like-minded schools across the globe to reach 100,000+ Student Leaders by 2025. With your help, we can work together to ensure young leaders are equipped with effective leadership and life skills. We are confident that our personal development courses will make for a transformed and remarkable community of young leaders.

Still need more convincing? Check out what schools are saying:

“After piloting the e-learning course in 2018 we found the content and learning outcomes so effective that our entire Year 11 & 12 cohort will take advantage of both the Igniting the Leaders of Tomorrow & Building the Mindset for Workplace Excellence course in 2020. We have a responsibility to set all of our students up for success in the future and this personal development course will help us to deliver on this vision, providing students with critical information and teachers with a resource they can leverage to enhance the learning experience.”

Kim Bath, Leading Teacher at Mildura Senior College
Social-Emotional Curriculum | Australian Curriculum Lessons | Leaders of Evolution

“Leaders of Evolution delivered a diverse program to our year 10 boys with a focus on aligning content to the leadership characteristics we wish to see from King’s leaders. The personal development courses brought together the future skills of the workforce, emotional intelligence and the unique Q & A session with senior staff to provide context to the leadership behaviours we seek from students at our school.”

Brendan Steward, Head of Leadership (Former) at The King’s School

What are you waiting for?

A partnership with Leaders of Evolution is a decision you will not regret. We guarantee that our personal development courses will create visible and long-term change for your students. We make learning fun for your students, so we can assure you that they will more than appreciate all that we have to offer.

Check out our Future Skills of the Workforce page for more information on how to turn your students into young leaders or access your free account today!

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