Australian eLearning Platform Takes A Stand For Child Protection in Sports

Leaders of Evolution creates e-learning skills programs and courses that are designed for student-athletes from Australia. Our focus is primarily to educate student-athletes on the importance of leadership and development through our courses and programs. However, there are other organizations, such as Play By The Rules, who focus on one region’s efforts to make sports a better and safer game.

Play by The Rules | Leaders of Evolution

What is Play by the Rules?

Established in 2001, Play by the Rules is an online interactive and educational platform. This program was developed by the South Australian Department for Sport and Recreation. Like Leaders of Evolution, Play by the Rules provides eLearning skills programs and courses focusing on harassment, discrimination, and child protection in sports. These courses and programs are free and designed to help administrators, coaches, players, parents, spectators, and officials of all sports. 

Over the past 19 years, this program has developed and is now in collaboration with organizations such as Sport Integrity Australia, Sport Australia, Australian Human Rights Commission and other state and territory agencies and departments. All partners and sponsors of Play by the Rules have one common goal: to enhance young athletes experience in sports and decrease the amount of discrimination and harassment they face. Studies have shown that these negative behaviours towards children in sports can have many negative impacts and possibly make the child quit their respective sport.

Free Online Courses

Play by the Rules offers many free eLearning skills programs and have been helping athletes overcome adversity and issues on and off the field. These programs are designed for all individuals that participate in sports, including but not limited to coaches, administrators, officials, players, parents, and spectators.

Participants of these programs will learn important information with resources like case studies, practical scenarios, quizzes and other interactive technology. As this organization understands that student-athletes and other athletic administrators are very busy, these modules can be paused and restarted at a later time.

In order to reach all athletes and other athletic administrators, Play by the Rules courses are completely free to users. Anyone interested in these courses is just required to register their account with an email address and have access to an internet browser. Adobe Flash Player is also recommended as some parts of the eLearning skills programs are only available with the downloaded software.

There are many unique online courses created and offered by this organization and more courses are added annually as issues in sport arise. Some of the most popular programs on their website include the “Child Protection Course”, “Harassment & Discrimination Course”, “Member Protection Information Officer Course”, and “Inclusive Coaching Course”.

Let Kids Be Kids Campaign Mini-Course

In February of 2017, they announced that they would launch a new mini-course that would discuss the issue surrounding poor sideline behaviour at junior level sports games. This eLearning skills course was named “Let Kids be Kids” and was targeted at parents, spectators and coaches of sport. This mini-course was designed to educate participants and by the end of the course, have them successfully understand these 4 learning objectives:

  • Identify the motivations for kids’ participation in sports
  • Identify what poor behaviour at kids’ sport is
  • Take actions that reduce instances of poor adult behaviour at kids’ sport
  • Take actions that discover and incorporate the views of children and young people when it comes to their sport experience

After programming and creating the eLearning skills programs, “Let Kids be Kids” was launched in April of 2018. The program is still available on their website as the topic of discrimination in sports has never been more prevalent. With the recent events of the Black Lives Matter movement, sports have become a voice and a platform for racial equality messages. Spectators, parents, and coaches must respect athletes on the field, no matter their ethnic background. 

Leaders of Evolution

Play by The Rules | Leaders of Evolution

Both Play by the Rules and Leaders of Evolution are organizations that provide eLearning skills programs, however, they have unique focuses and give different perspectives to athletes and other administrators. Play by the Rules provides courses that work to eliminating discrimination, harassment, and other negative behaviours coming from spectators of sports. Leaders of Evolution courses work to develop leadership and personal skills and are primarily for the athletes themselves.

Our courses and programs are guaranteed to be helpful and educational to athletes of all ages and competition levels. We have separated our courses so that students can easily find the course that will best benefit them. For example, one program created by Leaders of Evolution is “Emerging Leaders in Sport” and is specifically designed for student-athletes in years 9 and 10. Also, this eLearning skills program has two unique modules: one that teaches leadership skills on the field of a student’s respective sport, and the other teaches students how to apply these skills off the field and in the real world.

Want to learn more about our hub partnership programs and eLearning courses? Click here to visit our Australian Sport Partnerships page.

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