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At Leaders of Evolution, we prepare educators and students through our online skill programs with the skills necessary to thrive in workforces that are changing because of emerging technology and globalization. Over 267 schools have benefited by efficient teaching that requires less time and a curriculum aligned with the Australian Curriculum, specifically the Personal and Social Capability and the Self-management, Self-awareness, Social Management and Social Awareness Elements.

These areas are specific to our e-learning programs as traditional learning curriculums focusing on core topics like math, science, history and English. At Leaders of Evolution, we believe problem-solving skills should be a core focus, disrupting what traditional learning provides for its students. We are not the only ones that believe the skills focused on in education need to be re-evaluated and re-focused. 

Problem Solving Skills | Leaders of Evolution

Upskilling in the Job Market: Problem-Solving Skills

According to Harvard Business Review, there is a disconnect between what both employers and employees expect from future job prospects and the reality of the job hunt. This is because, according to HBR’s ManpowerGroup clients, there is an unsatisfactory amount of resources invested in upskilling and reskilling recent graduates so that they can succeed in the workplace and at companies, instead of just succeeding in the classroom. While there are many factors contributing to this disconnect, Harvard Business Review highlighted a few key reasons why higher education is not exceeding the expectations or cost of attending. 

“Employers need skills, not just knowledge or titles”

  • There is a discrepancy with the jobs people want and the jobs available. Of course, many students are preparing to reach career goals that greatly reflect “dream jobs” as they should when putting in the time, work and other resources in their education. However, some jobs are unappealing to students that spend such resources at expensive colleges, proving just one issue between employers and prospective employees. 
  • Some employers feel universities are not properly preparing students for the workforce. According to Harvard Business Review, there are “a growing number of employers expressing reservations about graduates’ job-readiness and potential to add immediate value to the workplace.” This includes, but is not limited to, problem-solving skills that can be translated to the workplace environment.
  • Problem-solving skills are not always necessary or practical in traditional learning environments, from primary and secondary school all the way to higher education. Employers are finding that even students with exceptional grades, they still need to be up-skilled and re-skilled in an onboarding process. 

At Leaders of Evolution we believe, and according to Harvard Business Review, “the future potential of the workforce will depend on its ability to cultivate learnability, rather than displaying lots of college credentials.” Through our online skills programs, we help students cultivate problem-solving skills and build Strong Learners that have autonomy and the essential skills of the future. Let’s dive deeper into our online skill programs and see how e-learning programs at a time when remote learning is necessary can help cultivate “learnability.”

Future Skills of the Workforce – Igniting the Leaders of Tomorrow 

We previously discussed the discrepancies between what students and employers expect from higher education — but how can younger student leaders benefit from cultivating “learnability” and future essential skills? Additionally, do younger students need to be building future work skills through our online skill programs at such a young age? At Leaders of Evolution, we believe now is the time to practice utilizing the skills associated with being an effective leader, not just in your workplace, but in all that you do.

These skills are transferable to the field, on-stage, with family and friends and in nearly all aspects of your life. Eventually, on the first day of your job, you would have practised being an effective leader individually and in teamwork so frequently that you’ll be that much more prepared to get things done in your career. So what do we offer in our online skill programs and e-learning programs? Let’s break it down. 

Online Skill Programs and E-Learning Programs 

Our Igniting the Leaders of Tomorrow lesson is one of two Future Skills of the Workforce online skill programs and has a variety of tasks and lessons to prepare young students in future leadership roles. 

Leading self: At Leaders of Evolution, we know that you cannot lead and inspire others without knowing your own strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for improvement. One important trait involved in developing problem-solving skills is self-awareness so that you are better placed to inspire and impact change on those around you.

4 C’s: Throughout each of our online skills programs and lessons, you will notice at least one of the 4 C’s: Competence, Confidence, Character and Connectedness. Our programs are designed to focus on one ore more of these 4 C’s, as they are essential when developing problem-solving skills

Leadership: Leadership is a complex and challenging concept, but overall, is about service and identifying ways you can make a positive difference. This can be done by first gaining self-awareness on yourself and how you can make an impact on those around you. Leadership can be seen in various environments and is utilized every day. In the workforce, leadership means having problem-solving skills, cultivating strong interpersonal skills and developing strong communication skills. 

Leadership Skills: Some of the essential skills and problem-solving skills we focus on at Leaders of Evolution include the following: 

  • Self-awareness
  • Communication
  • Vision, creativity and problem solving
  • Relationships
  • Mindset 
  • Learning agility
  • Role model

As you gain experience in the workforce, you’ll find that these skills will be helpful in leading your colleagues and solving any obstacles that might be in the way. While these problem-solving skills are a large part of our online skill programs, at Leaders of Evolution we believe that effective learning happens when students and educators set purposeful goals backed by leadership values. Some of those values include the following:

  • Integrity
  • Work ethic
  • Empathy
  • Persistence
  • Courage
  • Curiosity

Learn more about our the problem-solving skills and leadership values we cultivate at Leaders of Evolution, visit our Future Skills of the Workforce page.

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