Project-Based Learning: All You Need to Know

Project-based learning is a student-centred practice that encourages learners to apply their knowledge to real-world challenges and problems. At Leaders of Evolution, we specialize in educational courses and Life Skills Programs that guarantee improved leadership within your school’s community whilst saving educators’ time. Our leadership training in Melbourne is aligned with the Australian Curriculum, specifically the Personal & Social Capability and the Self-management, Self-awareness, Social Management and Social Awareness elements (Levels 4 & 5).

What is Project-Based Learning?

Project-Based Learning | Leaders of Evolution

At Leaders of Evolution, we strongly believe that project-based learning is necessary for ensuring a long-lasting impact for your students as it allows them to practice their new leadership skills in real-time. Our Life Skills Programs are centred around project-based learning as we believe it is the best way to implement the lessons learned. This practice allows for deeper learning opportunities as it shifts focus from the educators to students themselves. With the implementation of our leadership training in Melbourne, we are able to keep students engaged while developing their teamwork capabilities and problem-solving skills. 

Leaders of Evolution’s Project Based Learning Method

At Leaders of Evolution, we break up project-based learning into two parts: the big picture and the little picture. These parts are broken down even further to provide students and educators with clear steps that ensure success in your project endeavours.

The Big Picture — Looking at an area you have already investigated
  • Project: What is your project? How would you define it?
  • Purpose: Why is this project important? What is the purpose of your work?
  • Outcomes: What do you hope to achieve as a result of the project? What would you define as a successful outcome?
  • Measures: How can you ensure the success of your project? What measures will you take?
The Little Picture
  • Task: What needs to be done? Use your goals to assess the best way to achieve them. For example, does your project require extensive research or the use of promotional materials? 
  • Responsibility: What is the best way to allocate these tasks? It is important to consider the strengths of each teammate when assigning responsibilities. Recognising the individual strengths of your team members increases students’ leadership skills and allows for others to learn from their peers. 
  • Timeline: How can your group hold each other accountable? Some tasks may require more effort than others, so it is important to plan accordingly to ensure success in all endeavours. By creating a timeline, students are better equipped to complete their tasks in a timely manner.
  • Outcomes: What should be achieved? What are your short-term goals? For example, your outcome for the end of the week could be to have finished all of your research or to be ready to move onto your next task. 
  • Completion: What has been done and what more needs to be done? It is important to reward yourself for each achievement met. This step allows you to celebrate your successes as they occur, encouraging your team to keep up the good work. 

The Importance of Life Skills Programs

We have already covered how project-based learning will benefit your school’s community, so let’s dive into why implementing our life skills programs is an essential part of leadership training in Melbourne. At Leaders of Evolution, our goal is to create a future of driven individuals that will use the lessons learned through our life skills programs in real-life scenarios. Using our 4 C’s Curriculum Framework (Competence, Confidence, Character, & Connectedness), our leadership training for students in Melbourne aims to build students’ knowledge in a deeper and more meaningful way.

Our life skills programs will help your students’ build long-term commitments to leadership in all aspects of their life. A study from the World Economic Forum shows that 65% of children entering primary school will end up in jobs that do not exist yet. Here at Leaders of Evolution, we have carefully created life skills programs and leadership training courses in Melbourne that will be applicable in any possible work environment in the future. With the implementation of project-based learning, your students will have hands-on learning experiences that are guaranteed to boost teamwork abilities and personal leadership qualities. 

How will the implementation of Life Skills Programs & Project Based Learning benefit your students?

Project-Based Learning | Leaders of Evolution

Unlike typical subject-based courses like mathematics or science, the courses put together by Leaders of Evolution will have direct effects on your school’s community. Our life skills programs provide students with experiences and lessons that are just as useful outside of a classroom setting.

Project-based learning puts students at the forefront of the lesson forcing them to recognize their own value as young leaders. This leadership training has long-term benefits for students in Melbourne. At Leaders of Evolution, we are fiercely passionate about the future of young leaders and the many benefits that come from project-based learning. The leadership training courses we have put together for the youth of Melbourne are guaranteed to create a dramatic positive change within your learning environment. 

Learn how you can ensure the success of your students today by exploring the many courses Leaders of Evolution has to offer your school! Click here.

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