The Problem with Projecting Emotions Onto Others

Without the proper social-emotional knowledge, it’s easy to engage in several defence mechanisms instead of actually confronting the actual issues at hand. Whether we have realised it or not, I’m sure every one of us has projected our own emotions onto someone else. Projecting emotions is one of the most common psychological defence mechanisms, and most people have no idea when they have done so…myself included.  

Projecting Emotions | Leaders of Evolution

I’ve always had a difficult time expressing my emotions. In the past, whenever I was upset about something I would resort to projecting those emotions on my loved ones instead of asking for help. It was never easy for me to be vulnerable and talk about my feelings, so instead, I would bottle everything up and take it out on my close friends and family. Even to this day, I wish I could have seen that by projecting my emotions I was not only hurting myself but also those around me.  

How Leaders of Evolution Can Help You Stop Projecting Emotions 

As an online learning company with courses specialised in social-emotional learning, Leaders of Evolution help students identify the different defence mechanisms and better confront their feelings. We fully understand how difficult it can be for children and adults alike to deal with their emotions and find healthy coping mechanisms, and we want to help. With our courses, you can expect your students to be able to better identify their own and others’ feelings. By doing so, they will notice when they are projecting their emotions and what to do instead.  

Leaders of Evolution are dedicated to your school community and to teaching your students the importance of their emotional well-being. We want to ensure that each and every member of your classroom feel valued, seen, and understood. When they do not, they are significantly more likely to resort to unhealthy defensive mechanisms like projecting emotions. Our courses touch upon impactful subjects like self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and of course the 4 C’s – Competence, Confidence, Character, and Connectedness. 

Using the 4 C’s to Stop Projecting Emotions 

Each and every one of our courses, from Future Skills of the Workforce to Young Leaders in School, follow our 4 C’s Learning Framework. We strongly believe that these traits are an essential part of mastering emotional intelligence. So, what do they mean and how can they help your students stop projecting emotions?  


Our team at Leaders of Evolution believes that competence relates to the learner’s skills, be technical (what) or tactical (how), and is intrinsically linked to performance outcomes. With competence, students can identify what is causing them to feel a certain way. Maybe it’s something that they are dealing with at home or stress from school work. Either way, they know what to do to fix the situation at hand without projecting their emotions.  


We believe this trait deals with the development of positive self-worth and recognition that the learner can use the knowledge gained to influence themselves and others. A confident student knows that regardless of their emotional state of mind, they are worthy of love, acceptance, and forgiveness (especially if they have already projected their emotions.)  


Leaders of Evolution defines character as relating to how the learner develops a sense of self-awareness and behaviours such as empathy, integrity and responsibility within the communities they apply their learning. Having a positive character means that your students are aware of the impact that their actions and words have on others. Therefore, they are more inclined to spread kindness and positivity.


Connectedness relates to how the learner is able to establish and foster positive working relationships within the environments they apply their learning. This trait allows students to go the extra mile and help others understand their emotions, and stop their peers from projecting emotions. 

Working Towards Healthier Coping Mechanisms Together 

At Leaders of Evolution, we give schools the unique opportunity to show their students just how much they value their emotional well-being, both in and out of a school setting. Our courses provide them with skills and knowledge that will be useful for the rest of their lives. By working with us, we can teach your students healthier coping mechanisms and stop them from projecting emotions onto others. Leaders of Evolution want nothing but the best for you and your school community. So let’s work together and create a healthier and happier environment for your students! 

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