Projecting Emotion Leads to Better Workplace Connection

Humans are emotional creatures. We thrive on interpersonal connections and relationships. Our humanity, in and of itself, is complexly intertwined with our emotions and emotional response. When we can empathise with others, it allows us to forge deeper relationships. Emotional intelligence or emotional awareness is the control, and the ability to express one’s emotions and handle interpersonal relationships empathetically.

Emotional intelligence is the key to both personal and professional success. There has never been a more critical time to prepare for independence in the workforce, especially with the uncertainty surrounding the Coronavirus Pandemic. Students and young professionals need to be adaptable and ready to accept changes as they come.

Projecting Emotions | Leaders of Evolution

Projecting Emotions Leads to Success in the Workplace

Humans have the potential to become excellent communicators when we learn about projecting emotions. It is easy to see how empathy, compassion, and passion benefit us in our personal lives. But it is harder to pinpoint how projecting emotions can impact our professional careers. Every career has the opportunity for growth and requires adaptive skills in order to prosper. The Foundation for Young Australians has marked a decrease in jobs that perform routine manual tasks and an increase in work that focuses on people and problem-solving.

e-Learning Courses on Emotional Intelligence

Leaders of Evolution is an e-learning hub which offers technology-enhanced courses focused on leadership, social and emotional learning, career readiness and sports coaching for students, teachers, athletes, coaches, and the wider community. We have outlined the skills for projecting emotions in our course “Inspiring Career Ready Leaders of Tomorrow, Today.”

This course seeks to equip students between the ages of 16 and 18 with the career readiness skills required to be successful in the 2030 workforce. Young professionals will need to be smart learners, whereby they can learn quickly and efficiently at work. They need to be smart thinkers so that they can be creative and solve problems. Lastly, the future generation of the workforce must be smart doers, through which they can work autonomously and accomplish tasks with minimal instruction and supervision. 

Projecting emotions in workplace settings has provided new insights to the way businesses and organisations behave. In fact, it is becoming more commonplace that the workforce is about job skills rather than specific degrees. Therefore, it is essential that employees who have mastered the skill of projecting emotions utilise skills such as: learning new technology, engaging and working with people, using math and science, exceptional written communication, critical thinking, and possess an entrepreneurial mindset.

Our young people need to be aware, informed, and ready for the workforce they will confront in their futures. Preparing them now for the skills they will need in an ever-changing and globalised workforce is non-negotiable for schools. Leaders of Evolution’s Future Skills of the Workforce suite of courses does exactly this. Our first two courses – Building the Mindset for Workplace Excellence and Igniting the Leaders of Tomorrow are available now with snapshots of each course available in this Free Taster

Schools and institutions are offered free taster courses for the Building the Mindset of Workplace Excellence and the Igniting the Leaders of Tomorrow life skills curriculum programs from Leaders of Evolution.

Building the Mindset of Workplace Excellence course consists of:

  • Four leadership lessons
  • More than 39 individual learning topics
  • Over 90 minutes of learning videos 
  • Student leadership guidebook and lesson plans
  • Assessment criteria 
  • Other tools for teachers

Igniting the Leaders of Tomorrow course consists of:

  • Nine leadership lessons 
  • Over 39 individual learning topics 
  • 90 minutes (or more) of bite-sized learning videos 
  • Student leadership guidebook
  • Assessment criteria and lesson plans for teachers

Both courses run through 12 months of subscription and merit a 4 C’s Certified Certificate of Completion.

Projecting Emotions in Practice

52.44% of school principals say equipping students with the skills of the future is one of the most pressing challenges for their school. Students are not explicitly taught the skills for leadership and how to adequately practice projecting emotions in the workplace. 

Leaders of Evolution works with more than 267 schools to teach our Future Skills of the Workforce suite of courses. We specialise in personalising courses to fit the needs of the institution. We want our courses to be accessible to each and every student.

“Leaders of Evolution consulted and planned with our school to tailor a program for 55 of our Student Representative Council leaders preparing them for skills required to be effective in the future workplace

Pelissa Tsilimidos, the Assistant Principal at Medbourne High School

If you are interested in using Leaders of Evolution as an education provider or want more information, please visit Leaders of Evolution.

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