How Improved Leadership Leads to Random Acts of Kindness

Random acts of kindness are the perfect way to display signs of improved leadership, emotional intelligence, and good sportsmanship. Each of these skills is covered in our development courses at Leaders of Evolution. Through the use of peer to peer learning, project-based learning, and engaging learning videos, students will be eager to show off their newfound abilities through random acts of kindness and by taking on new leadership opportunities. Our social-emotional curriculum encourages growth in all aspects of life, from school to sports and to their future workforce. At Leaders of Evolution, we inspire the career-ready leaders of tomorrow, today!

Who Are We & What Can We Do for You?

Leaders of Evolution is an online learning company that expertly designs and delivers technology-enhanced e-learning courses focused on leadership, social and emotional learning, career readiness and sports coaching for students, teachers, athletes, coaches and the wider community. Relentless in our pursuit of knowledge, we challenge current thinking to drive improvement while pursuing all avenues of learning. By continually seeking feedback to improve our performance, we are fully committed to helping our clients achieve their evolution and grow as a community. 

Through our courses, students will quickly become an autonomous & independent worker and establish a greater sense of self-awareness. Within our Future Skills of the Workforce program, students will uncover the many different leadership styles, like Authoritative vs. Democratic styles, and gain a concrete understanding of emotional intelligence, giving students the ability to recognise and manage their own and others’ emotions. This knowledge is necessary for becoming an efficient leader and a good friend. Each of these concepts is intrinsically linked to an increase in students’ likeliness to engage in random acts of kindness.

Using the 4 C’s Learning Framework to Inspire Random Acts of Kindness

At Leaders of Evolution, each of the courses follows our 4 C’s Learning Framework designed to enhance students’ leadership capabilities, sense of self-awareness, career-ready skills, and emotional intelligence. 

Competence: The ability to recognise the skills needed to achieve success in any given environment. Those displaying competence will be able to assess current strengths and areas of improvement, set appropriate goals, solve problems and work independently. At Leaders of Evolution, we believe that competence allows students to evaluate their own abilities and acknowledge any problem areas. A competent student can recognise the significance of random acts of kindness and when and where they should occur.

Confidence: One’s belief and trust in their abilities. Our courses inspire students to be confident in themselves. At Leaders of Evolution, confidence relates to the development of positive self-worth and recognition that the learner can use the knowledge gained to influence themselves and others. Confidence helps students understand the importance of engaging in random acts of kindness. They are confident that their simple act of kindness will have long-term effects on themself and the peers involved. 

Character: Relates to how the learner develops a sense of self-awareness and behaviours such as empathy, integrity and responsibility within the communities they apply their learning. The Future Skills of the Workforce program we have put together at Leaders of Evolution ensures that students will achieve profound character growth. These newly learned behaviours will have an immensely positive effect on the students’ mental health. A student with good character is always inclined to engage in random acts of kindness.

Connectedness: At Leaders of Evolution, we define connectedness as how the learner is able to establish and foster positive relationships within the environments they apply their learning. Our courses emphasise the importance of creating meaningful connections with one’s peers. This encourages students to build lasting relationships with their peers, further encouraging them to engage in random acts of kindness.

Let’s Inspire the Leaders of Tomorrow, Today

With Leaders of Evolution, you are guaranteed to see visible changes in your students’ emotional intelligence and leadership capabilities. Students and teachers alike will be eager to engage in random acts of kindness and show off their newfound skills. So, what more are you waiting for? Begin your journey to a changed school community today with Leaders of Evolution!

Click here to access our Future Skills of the Workforce Free Taster Course to learn more about what we can do for you!

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Leaders of Evolution are passionate about education. We expertly design and deliver technology enhanced e-learning courses focused on leadership, social and emotional learning, career readiness and sports coaching for students, teachers, athletes, coaches and the wider community.

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