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Reflective Practice – Why we should all be doing this

Reflective practice is a skill that can be developed. Too often we all get caught up with being ‘busy’, neglecting the benefits that come from stopping and reflecting on our day, our emotions, what we’ve learnt and how we have behaved.

Stopping and reflecting promotes mindfulness as well as neural circuitry, so this approach helps us learn. The more data we can gather on ourselves and how we do things, the more equipped we are to make better decisions more often. The mindfulness approach also allows us to find some calm in what is often a swirling storm of ‘stuff’!

This resource is designed to be used daily. We recommend sitting down and focusing on one question at a time. We believe you’ll find great benefit both personally and professionally if you schedule in some reflective practice each day.


Damian Hecker

Co-founder at Leaders of Evolution
Keeping an eye on all sports, especially the mighty Hawthorn Football Club, staying fit in the great outdoors and sneaking in some travel wherever possible occupy Damian's time away from designing e-learning curriculum for both Leaders of Evolution and our valued E-learning Hub Partners.
Damian Hecker

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