Why Is Teaching Leadership Important?

“What is leadership?” 

When you ask that question to ten people, you are likely to receive ten different answers. Amongst those answers are most common responses like, “It’s the ability to take charge and direct others” or “It’s the ability to manage others.” Sometimes when asked for a definition, someone will pause and instead think of someone they view as a leader – often someone found at the top of work or social hierarchy.

While these qualities and people are often associated with meanings of leadership, they are not at the core of what leadership is. Due to these common misconceptions, it is essential for schools to explore leadership with students by implementing a school leadership program.

Why are school leadership programs important?

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School leadership programs are a great way to teach students important life skills and positive character traits.

A school leadership program’s key building blocks include lessons about self-awareness, self-management, and awareness in social situations. Not surprisingly, these same topics are three of the interrelated elements of the Personal and Social Capability of the Australian Curriculum.

Australian Curriculum Aligned

As emphasised by the Australian Curriculum, these lessons help students to better understand themselves and others in order to better manage their relationships, work, and learning. Through these lessons, students are given the support to become individuals who as stated by the Melbourne Declaration on Education Goals for Young Australians “have a sense of self-worth, self-awareness, and personal identity that enables them to manage their emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical well being.”

The social and emotional skills taught by school leadership programs are the foundation of all learning and for becoming a contributing citizen. When students are better able to cope with their emotions and relate to those around them, the classroom and school as a whole is a much more joyful and productive place.

In addition to developing one of the capabilities of the Australian Curriculum, school leadership programs also assist schools in creating a school environment that supports overall student wellbeing as outlined by the Australian Student Wellbeing framework

Through class discussions and individual lessons, students can connect to their school community and feel empowered to speak up and be a key stakeholder in their education – two critical aspects of the framework.

Leaders of Evolution’s School Leadership Programs

To best support students of all ages, Leaders of Evolution have created various school leadership programs. Whether your school decides to use the course sequentially as students progress through school or as a one year supplement to your curriculum, the skills taught are destined to leave a lasting impact on students.

Student leadership in schools – Year 5 & 6

A foundational leadership course that introduces students to the concept of leadership. In these courses students learn what leadership is and develop a stronger sense of self-awareness. Students also investigate the Leaders of Evolution 4 C’s  – competence, confidence, character, and connectedness.

Emerging leaders in sport – Year 9 & 10

A course dedicated to supporting a holistic approach to athlete development, focusing on leadership skills needed on and off of the playing field. Lessons about various leadership traits and proper goal setting are covered in these courses.

Future skills of the workplace – Year 11 & 12

In our Building the Mindset of Workplace Excellence and Igniting the Leaders of Tomorrow courses students are given the skills to feel confident to enter the workplace. They are taught how to exercise a growth mindset and improve their emotional intelligence.

All of these online e-learning courses can be easily implemented alongside any existing curriculum to strengthen student leadership skills regardless of where students are in their leadership journey. By blending important full class discussions with individual self-assessments students get to improve their online competencies while also connecting with their community.

Not only will individual students gain essential leadership skills for their futures, schools that include leadership courses as a part of their curriculum will benefit from increased student engagement and a student body more empathetic to the feelings of others.

To learn more about any of the above courses and start planning your school leadership program check out a free taster course here.

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