The Five Most Important Characteristics of School Leadership

Being a leader doesn’t always come with a fancy title or higher pay. You don’t have to be a certain age or have a certain educational degree. In fact, anyone can be a leader in any situation as long as they are equipped with the skills and characteristics of one! And the best time to develop these skills and characteristics is from an early age: in school.  

When I was in middle and high school, I participated on my school’s varsity field hockey team for over six years! I started my journey with field hockey, watching and learning from my older teammates and coaches. I began to get more comfortable with my stick skills, physical ability, and mental strategy of the game of field hockey. Finally, in my senior year of high school, I was chosen by my team to be the Varsity Captain and lead our team to success. 

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I gained this role largely because of my leadership abilities that I had been developing over the past 6 years of playing. These leadership abilities were prevalent not only on the hockey field but also in the classroom and in my personal life. School leadership abilities are so applicable to many situations, and that’s just one reason they are so important to learn. Leaders of Evolution is one of the leading organizations that create online sports management courses for students 10 to 18 years old. 

Characteristics of School Leadership 

While there is no one definition of what school leadership or a leader looks like, there are some important qualities that one should possess. However, it’s important to note that these qualities can be present from a young age or can be developed through online courses and practising. Here are a few of the characteristics of school leadership that Leaders of Evolution emphasizes.  

1. Integrity 

First and foremost, a leader should show integrity and morality in every situation they are in. By laying out one’s morals and values, people can ensure that their words and actions align with what they believe. Integrity can encompass a lot of other positive traits, such as honesty and truthfulness. However, students and athletes who shown consistency have integrity are the leaders who go above and beyond. 

2. Empathy 

Next, leaders should have empathy and be able to share their feelings with a group or individual. It’s in our human nature to have strong emotions in certain situations. A good leader will be open and honest with their feelings and as a result, inspire others to show empathy. However, school leadership also means not always letting emotions make decisions. Finding the balance between head and heart is key.  

3. Self-Awareness 

In order to lead others, those who possess efficient school leadership should be aware of their own abilities and character. By reflecting on your own feelings, emotions, goals, aspirations, and motivations, it will be easier to accomplish them. However, self-awareness also means realizing one’s limits. Nobody is perfect so embracing your imperfections and working to improve them is a trait of a leader.   

4. Courage 

Leaders can sometimes be put in challenging or uncomfortable situations. Therefore, having courage is extremely important! Even when the situation ahead looks rough, a leader will not only have the courage to push through but encourage those around them also to have the strength and determination. This can come in the form of mental or physical courage! 

5. Respect 

Finally, school leadership revolves around respect. There are over 7 billion people on this planet and they are all unique individuals. In a school setting, we work with people of all genders, races, ethnicities, nationalities, and abilities. Therefore, having respect for everyone, including yourself, is a key characteristic of a leader.  

Leaders of Evolution  

Because we understand these characteristics and the importance of school leadership, Leaders of Evolution ensures that students will learn these lessons and skills in each of our online courses. We also recognize that it’s never too early to start developing the skills of school leadership. For this reason, we have created the “Student Leadership in Schools” course for students in years 5 and 6. This program focuses on uplifting students in school leadership and life skills through fun and engaging videos and lesson plans! So far, over 400 schools have benefited from a partnership with Leaders of Evolution! We are so confident in our ability to provide and deliver these courses that they come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee! 

Because of our unique 4 C’s Learning Framework, peer-to-peer learning strategy, school leadership framework, and student-driven projects we guarantee that students and teachers will both learn many skills and knowledge about school leadership. By starting a partnership with Leaders of Evolution, we guarantee that… 

Students Will… 

Teachers Will…  

  • Gain more outcomes in less time 
  • Establish and implement an effective student leadership framework 
  • Leverage course resources, evaluate student progression and acknowledge the application of tangible leadership 

And Schools Will… 

  • Develop and embrace student voice and agency 
  • Encourage, challenge, and celebrate the leadership learning experience of students 
  • Recognize the achievements of student growth and the delivery of school community projects 

Visit the Leaders of Evolution website today to learn more about school leadership and launch your online learning journey with us

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