Why Enroll in High School Online in NESA?

Right now, it’s hard to imagine everyday life without Zoom calls, emails, and virtual interactions. And due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it does not look like this reality will change anytime soon. As a college student at Syracuse University, I have learned first-hand what virtual and online education looks like. I’ve found that online learning has many benefits and has become a really unique way to learn! 

The NESA, or New South Wales Education Standards of Authority, has been a leading organisation in online education and continues to improve the lives of young Australians. As the state government education statutory authority, they are responsible for establishing and monitoring a high quality of education. This includes teaching, learning, and assessments of all levels in Australia. NESA Schools Online is a common resource used by Australian principals and teachers to ensure excellent education standards in the state.  

Just like the NESA Schools Online program, Leaders of Evolution is dedicated to ensuring student success in online instruction. By working with local teachers, sport coaches, and other school administrations, Leaders of Evolution delivers our world-class e-learning courses. Like the NESA Schools Online program, we focus on uplifting students aged 10 to 18 and equip them with the skills to be leaders of the future.  

Schools Online in NESA 

Alongside the government, education sectors, and local universities, NESA Schools Online works to provide meaningful and compelling learning experiences for children years K-12. Principals and teachers are the primary users of NESA Schools Online and will have access to information about the HSC, the RoSA, and critical dates for these assessments. As a leader of education, principals and teachers must be up-to-date on all information regarding these assessments.  

Because COVID-19 continues to bring challenges to the education industry, NESA Schools Online also provides advice and updates as the pandemic unfolds. For example, contingency measures and advice for delivering education during the COVID-19 pandemic can be found. Also, principals can hear from the COVID-19 Response Committee, which was established to address schools’ COVID-19 related issues.  

Not only does the NSW Education of Standards of Authority provide a platform with resources for administrators, but they also have a platform for students and parents. NESA Students Online is a resource for students years 10-12 and has the information they need to prepare for and pass the HSC. Also, NESA News provides newsletters and email listservs for parents to stay in the loop! 

Why Leaders of Evolution? 

School Online in Nesa | Leaders of Evolution

A study was done that shows 65% of children entering primary school will end up in jobs that don’t yet exist. Think about that! The future is so bright for these young students and Leaders of Evolution works each and every day to help them reach their potential. While we are one of many organisations focusing on online instruction, we are set apart by our 4 C’s Learning Framework, our school leadership framework, our use of peer to peer learning, and our student-driven projects.

And unlike other companies, Leaders of Evolution creates specific online courses for students of different ages. Our “Student Leadership in Schools” was explicitly designed for students in Years 5 and 6! We offer both a “Foundation Course” and an “Advanced Course” depending on the student’s age and ability. We understand the importance of engagement and participation in an online setting, making all of our courses fun and engaging for all audiences.  

Starting your partnership with Leaders of Evolution is as easy as just 5 steps! 

Step 1: Choose Your Course 

Selecting the right course based on the student’s year is the first step in a successful partnership. Both “Student Leadership in Schools” courses come with an “Online Teacher Introduction” course to help teachers and other administrators deliver. 

Step 2: Plan & Prepare 

By setting a 12-month delivery timeline and curriculum breakdown, Leaders of Evolution ensures that students and teachers will be able to understand and benefit from our courses. We will also work with schools to identify specific goals and objectives for the course.  

Step 3: Implement 

Next, we will launch our course and give students and teachers access to the tools such as the 4 C’s Learning Framework – Competence, Confidence, Character and Connectedness. Our courses are designed to challenge students minds and inspire their growth and development.  

Step 4: Validate 

Leaders of Evolution will continue to monitor students’ progress throughout the 12-month timeline, providing termly check-ins. We understand learning is a process and continues even after education. 

Step 5: Reward & Recognise 

Finally, we help students celebrate their success after the completion of their Leaders of Evolution courses. All students who complete the course will earn a personalized 4 C’s Certificate and be recognized as the leaders of tomorrow! 

So what are you waiting for! Want more information on NESA Schools Online or our “Student Leadership in Schools” course? Click here to visit our website today and launch your online journey with Leaders of Education! 

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