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Self Reflection – Leaders of Evolution

Self reflection is a development tool that can lead to resolving inner conflict, gaining greater clarity and purpose towards a particular topic and/or preferred outcome. It’s extremely easy to get caught in the daily rigours of life, although being self-aware increases your professional (and personal) value.

Recently Leaders of Evolution (LoE) wrote a blog post – The Game Tape Doesn’t Lie – How To Develop Yourself for FREE!

This video clip is a continuation of this real life professional experience that helped Damian Hecker and myself review and refine our presentation skills whilst pitching to a potential client.

Unsure on what questions to ask yourself?

  • Am I performing at my peak capacity?
  • Am I managing personal and others expectations?
  • Am I respecting my core values?
  • Am I on a path to my preferred future?
  • Am I making a positive impact on others (family, friends and colleagues)?
  • Am I seeking feedback from trusted networks?

If you wish to learn more about self-reflection and how this can help your organisations, please contact for more information.

Jon Shepherd

Co-founder at Leaders of Evolution
Away from his ongoing quest of learning to surf, Jon's busy overseeing marketing, sales and business development at Leaders of Evolution. His love for all sports, especially NBA & NCAA basketball ensures he is never far off a live ESPN score up-date.

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