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Why great leaders consistently achieve their goals

Author: Jon Shepherd, Director of Business Operations & Development at Leaders of Evolution (June 15 2018)

Goal setting is universally seen as an effective approach to development — regardless of what that development might be. Goals provide an end point to progression and a road map to get there.

There are different methods of goal setting and everyone will want to approach this in their own way. A well known approach to goal setting is using ‘SMART Goals’. Smart goals provide a simple and effective framework that can support anyone in goal setting and identifying the actions to achieve these goals.

Specific – Is your goal clear, concise and easily understood?

Measurable – How do you measure success?

Attainable– How will you achieve this?

Relevant– Does this tie in with your role?

Timeframe– When will the goal be achieved?

To support the SMART goal framework it’s important you set goals you are passionate about. As discussed in this Harvard Business Review article by Kaitlin Woolley, immediate benefits are a stronger predictor of persistence than delayed benefits—across a range of goals, in areas including fitness, nutrition, and education.

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