The Importance of Social and Emotional Learning Curriculum in the Workplace

As students finish school and prepare to enter the workforce, they face some of the most challenging years of their lives. In addition to the usual challenges of joining the workforce, students now must also navigate their path in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has changed the norms of society. While the future of society after the pandemic is unclear, it’s clear that students of today who are becoming the workforce of tomorrow have many obstacles ahead of them. 

Leaders of Evolution is one of the leading organisations that help students of all ages prepare for the workforce through online courses and programs. In each of our many online courses, there is a strong social and emotional learning curriculum combined with a project-based one. For this reason, we believe that it is essential to combine both of these learning styles in each and every one of our courses. By doing so, we hope that students will understand the importance of a social and emotional learning curriculum in schools and their future workplace.

Social and Emotional Learning Curriculum | Leaders of Evolution

Social and Emotional Learning Curriculum

As experts in delivering e-learning courses to students across the world, Leaders of Evolution understands the importance of a balanced curriculum and education strategy. Our courses are equipped with the 4 C’s Learning Framework, which teaches both professional skills and personal skills. The “Building the Mindset of Workplace Excellence” course curriculum perfectly demonstrates this idea of a balanced learning plan. There are four leadership lessons, with over 90 minutes of bite-size learning videos.

Between these videos and real-life examples, information is delivered in a way that allows students to take breaks and pause the course when needed. We understand that students have responsibilities and extracurricular activities that also take priority in their life. Therefore, our courses are designed for flexible learning. However, professional and project-based learning is also an important part of the curriculum. For this reason, Leaders of Evolution also provides assessments and guidebooks to help students better understand and apply the skills they have learned.

By enrolling in our “Future Skills of the Workforce” course, students have the skills they need to succeed and will be able to make a positive difference in their future. Each of these strategies is apart of the overarching social and emotional learning curriculum that Leaders of Evolution provides to each and every student. 

Leaders of Evolution‘s Social and Emotional Curriculum

While we are working towards educating students aged 10 to 18, we also hope that these students will continue to implement these skills in their future. Whether you are an entry-level employee, manager of a large organisation, or an entrepreneur starting your own business, Leaders of Evolution hopes that our students will know how to apply a social and emotional learning curriculum into their future workplace.

Starting a partnership with Leaders of Evolution is as easy as 5 Steps!

Step 1: Choose Your Course

For students in year 11 or 12, we suggest that they enrol in either our “Building the Mindset for Workplace Excellence” course, “Igniting Leaders of Tomorrow” course, or both! Each course comes with an “Online Teacher Introduction” so that teachers and other administrators can follow along and learn themselves!

Step 2: Plan & Prepare

Because our courses are designed with a 12-month delivery schedule, we look forward to planning and supporting each school’s journey with Leaders of Evolution. We will work to ensure that the social and emotional learning curriculum in each of our courses aligns with our partner’s curriculum. 

Step 3: Implement

Social and Emotional Learning Curriculum | Leaders of Evolution

Now, Leaders of Evolution will launch the partnership and allow students to explore the resources that our online courses offer. Between lesson plans, assessments, and learning tools, we want students and teachers to get as much information as they can from the course.

Step 4: Validate

Throughout the 12-month schedule, our team will check in on students and teachers to ensure that the program is running smoothly. We will provide schools with online reports so they can track and measure the progress of their students’ learning. 

Step 5: Reward & Recognise

Finally, as students begin to complete the course, we will present them with a personalised 4 C’s Certificate! Leaders of Evolution believes that education is not the end of the learning process, and we hope that students will continue to apply their knowledge to their future workforce.

At the end of the day, Leaders of Evolution is working to educate the workforce of 2030. This is accomplished through our social and emotional learning curriculum and the dedication of students to learn and develop. Our goal is to reach over 100,000 student leaders by 2025, and every partnership is a step closer to achieving that.

Click here to learn more about Leaders of Evolution and help us get closer to 100,000 student leaders!

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