Social media do’s, don’ts and tips for emerging athletes

Have you ever had an experience where your social media post has had an impact on someone else?  It’s pretty likely that you have – maybe many.  This may have been a really positive experience where you thanked someone or shared something brilliant they did.  Alternatively, it could have been an incident where your decision to post caused someone to be upset.

Social media is a choice.  You get to choose what you post, what you like, share, react to or comment on.  As a leader you must own your actions whether they are on the field of play, in training or just as importantly on social media.

Social media has incredible power and reach.  This can be a positive or sometimes it can be negative.  As a young athlete your Digital Shadow can be cast across to people you don’t even know as soon as you hit ‘Post’.  Regardless of the level you compete at, you must be aware of what you are posting and the impact this could have – for yourself, your teammates, your club and your sport.

Whatever you do choose to post it has an impact on your digital shadow.  With such easy access to platforms and profiles these days your current or future club or employer can get a snap shot into your life and make a decision if you will be right for them.  The opposite is true also – you can follow the social media of clubs, schools, universities or businesses to understand if they would be the right fit for you.

Our Young Leaders in Sports E-learning Course for emerging athletes aged 14-18 years delves into the impact of social media and equips you with the tools to leverage your brand to it’s full potential.

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