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Good leadership and sportsmanship skills are very important for student-athletes to possess. At Leaders of Evolution, we believe this strongly. That’s why we have created online courses that teach effective sportsmanship and development solutions for student-athletes. We also believe that some of these skills are best learned through watching and hearing from others who have come before them.

Leaders of Evolution has been working with sports organizations and teams for years and have created positive relationships. Below are some sports leadership quotes and student-athlete quotes that prove this beneficial partnership. But first, we must answer the question, “what is sports leadership?”

What is Sports Leadership?

Sports Leadership Quotes | Student-Athlete Quotes | Leaders of Evolution

In every successful sports team, there are leaders who make big impacts on and off the field. These sports leaders can include team captains, other teammates, coaches, and other administrators of the sport. These individuals have a strong influence over the other group members and are looked at to create change and inspire victory. 

In order to create change within a sports organization, you must start with the sports leaders. Many of our partnership with an organization is started or suggested by the coach of a team. We have received many sports leadership quotes from coaches who have tried our e-learning courses or workshops. Unsure about whether a partnership with Leaders of Evolution is the right solution for your organization? Read these sports leadership quotes and student-athlete quotes about partnerships with us. 

Sports Leadership Quotes

As coaches and other sports administrators are dedicated to the success of the team, the following sports leaders have given us feedback about their partnership with us. 

“We implemented the course with our ‘Talented Athlete Support Program’ (TASP) with great success. The holistic approach of the program really resonated with our students resulting in a fun, purposeful learning environment. The ‘Athlete Guidebook’ continues to be a valuable resource for both our students and coaches.”

Matt Carraro, TASP Co-ordinator at Newington College
Sports Leadership Quotes | Student-Athlete Quotes | Leaders of Evolution

“The course provided a real point of difference compared to other Athlete Development & Sports Excellence programs. The curriculum addressed current trends empowering students to transfer life-skills well outside their chosen sport. Jon continues to provide valuable support & expertise to our students.”

Ty Dowker, HOD Physical Education at Varsity College
Sports Leadership Quotes | Student-Athlete Quotes | Leaders of Evolution

“It’s been a great resource for our students this year and has helped fuel some much-needed conversation around leadership and character on and off the field. Students have found the platform and content engaging, often completing online lessons outside of class and training time.”

Vaughan Hogan, Head of Football at Corinda State High School
Sports Leadership Quotes | Student-Athlete Quotes | Leaders of Evolution

These sports leadership quotes all illustrate the benefit that Leaders of Evolution can bring to any sports organization. More sports leadership quotes and more information about developing student-athletes leadership, visit our website’s Student-Athlete Leadership & Development page!

Student-Athlete Quotes

Most of the courses through Leaders of Evolution are created specifically to enhance student-athletes leadership skills. For example, our “Emerging Leaders in Sports” learning course is designed to develop student-athletes leadership qualities and teaches them how to apply these skills directly on the field. We have partnered with the San Francisco State Men’s Basketball team since 2018 and created a meaningful partnership with many of the student-athletes. Here are some student-athlete quotes from players on the men’s basketball team. 

“Leaders of Evolution helped me substantially in my ability to lead effectively on and off the court. The combination of online and face-to-face topics allowed me to take my time and not rush through the course material. Jon’s background as an NCAA Student-athlete and pro also meant the information was relevant for our group of guys. I highly recommend other programs looking to take their leadership to the next level.”

Chiefy Ugbaja, Men’s Basketball Captain at San Francisco State University (Graduated)

“I like how there was a lot of involvement from the whole group. The presentation wasn’t just lecture oriented and I feel like a lot of classes are. I felt like it really brought the team together. We interacted together and had a great time together. Jon had us do an ice breaker to kind of set the mood for the whole program which was really helpful.”

Ryne Williams, Men’s Basketball at San Francisco State University

Visit our website to hear more student-athlete quotes or learn more about our partnership with San Francisco State University.

Leaders of Evolution

By hearing these sports leadership quotes and student-athlete quotes, we hope that you will consider developing a partnership with us. You can choose one of our e-learning programs to develop student-athletes leadership skills or create a fully-customized program.

For more sports leadership and student-athlete quotes, or to start your partnership with Leaders of Evolution, visit our website today.

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